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7 Things You Can Do to Make 2017 Better for Yourself and Everyone Else

Michael Brown, The reason we make major New Year’s resolutions is because we’re fed up with the way we’re living and we want to make radical changes in our lives. That’s also why we tend to fail so miserably with those resolutions: It’s hard to make lasting, dramatic changes. While there certainly is a place

Should Christian Leaders Stay Out of Politics?

Michael Brown, Is it dangerous for Christian leaders to mix politics and religion? Is that a confusion of their calling? Or is it important for Christian leaders to address all areas of life, including politics? I have had to address this question myself, since I might be preaching in a church service one day, teaching

After this election, can we still love our neighbors (even if we are polar political opposites?)

Karen Ehman, Our next-door neighbors are like family to us. They are a retired couple in their seventies. My husband and I are in full-on mid-life mode, parents of teens and young adults. This couple allows one of our sons to use their kayak on the weekends. I make them homemade strawberry jam each summer.