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German Official: We Regret Open Borders

RT, Says growing Muslim population a challenge for open-minded society. Berlin made mistakes with its “open-door” refugee policy, which “went off course” and saw hundreds of thousands of asylum seekers entering the country over the past two years, German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schaeuble admits. The German government is currently trying “to improve what went off

How Thomas Jefferson abandoned diplomacy and changed US history

In 1786, Thomas Jefferson, then a minister to the French government of Louis XVI, had a concern more intimidating than anything else he’d faced before: the threat of pirates off the coast of North Africa, a region known as the Barbary Coast. These pirates had already taken over two American ships, the Dauphin and the

Democrats Want Two New Racial Categories They Can Target as Democrat Voters

S. Noble,  The White House has found another way to separate us. They want to define a new racial category they can separate out and turn into enemies of Republicans, actually it will be two new categories. The first new invented racial category of people would pertain to those who come from the Middle East and

Pat Buchanan: Will the West Survive the Century?

“Nativism … xenophobia or worse” is behind the triumph of Brexit and the support for Donald Trump, railed President Barack Obama in Ottawa. Obama believes that resistance to transformational change in the character and identity of countries of the West, from immigration, can only be the product of sick minds or sick hearts. According to

Pope Francis’ Jihad on Christianity

Raymond Ibrahim, Disturbing pronouncements on the faith from the Vicar of Christ. The man known as the “Catholic Pope” and the “Vicar of Christ”—but who in light of what follows is probably best referred to by his real name, Jorge Mario Bergoglio—recently gave an interview demonstrating why “so many people think he is the anti-Christ.”

Obama’s plan to accelerate vetting of Syrian “refugees for U.S. entry, Importing Terror

Joseph Klein, FPM   Obama’s plan to accelerate vetting of Syrian “refugees” for U.S. entry. President Obama is willing to gamble with the lives of American citizens. He is intent on emptying Guantanamo of as many of the detainees as possible, even as some of the released jihadists have returned to the battlefield to fight

PAGLIA UNLOADS! Hillary ˜soulless,’ Biden a ˜dim bulb,’ Lena Dunham ˜a big pile of pudding’

Victor Skinner, American academic, social critic and feminist Camille Paglia is offering her take on feminism on U.S. college campuses today, actress Lena Dunham, as well as Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden. In a YouTube video posted by Spiked last week, Paglia sat for an on camera interview with Spiked assistant editor Ella Whelan

Appreciating D-Day’s 70th anniversary

Lawson Bader  When Dwight D. Eisenhower’s former executive assistant was asked about the General’s use of the “D” in “D-Day,” his response was perfunctory. Ike used it merely to indicate the “designated day” for his army to advance as ordered. D-Day in Europe followed other “D-Days” in Sicily, North Africa, Italy, and the Pacific. But

The Scandals That Will Doom The Democrats In November

Donald Lambro  President Obama reluctantly went to the White House press room Wednesday to deal with yet another scandal that has hit his dysfunctional presidency. This one is as bad as scandals get: our veterans were dying because they weren’t getting timely care at the VA hospitals that would have saved their lives. And there

Report: Ebola Suspected In Europe: œBroken Through All Containment Efforts

SHTF Plan – by Mac Slavo  Though officials at the World Health Organization are feverishly working to stop the spread of the Ebola virus in what is now seven African nations, their efforts may be for naught. In Guinea, a hot spot for the deadly contagion, government health officials have said that the outbreak is