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On The Sunday Shows, Clinton’s Campaign Manager Doubled Down On Her “Deplorables” Insult, While Sanders Pushed Back On Her Denigrating Remarks Calling His Supporters Basement Dwellers  “Unless you’re one of her millionaire benefactors, in Hillary Clinton’s book you’re either deplorable or you’re a basement dweller. No one who has this much contempt for everyday Americans

Clinton Crime Mafia Back in Full Force

BATR In your face and rubbing your nose in it is for all to see. That’s the pattern of the Clinton clan that perfects their criminal culture of corruption and law-breaking. The unmistakable premeditated meeting between William Jefferson Clinton and Attorney General Loretta Lynch   is a violation of every ethical legal canon. It should be

What Authorities Found At The Border Shows That Trump Is Right About The Wall

Signey Traylor, Yet again, Donald Trump has been proven correct when it comes to our southern border. We are all aware of his plan to build a wall between our two nations, and this video proves why. Not only does the video prove Trump’ss point that drug smugglers are effectively waltzing into our country, it

Georgia Just Became a Safer State for Law-Abiding Gun Owners & Everyone Else

Freedom Outpost – by Fred DeRuvo  Earlier today, Gov. Nathan Deal signed into law the latest “controversial” gun bill that removes restrictions for law-abiding gun owners who legally own guns. Of course, this has the left in an uproar, but they’ll only be happy when no law-abiding citizen owns guns and only criminals do. They’ll still blame that on the right

7 Things Liberals REALLY MEAN When They Cry œRacism

John Hawkins,  Racism used to mean hating someone because of his race. No more. Today, 99 times out of 100 in politics, the word “racist” is used purely for political reasons without any regard to whether something bigoted was actually said. That doesn’t mean that racism doesn’t exist. It CERTAINLY DOES and sometimes it’s right