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This Christmas Season Was Different

Emmett Tyrrell, WASHINGTON — Around Thanksgiving time, I noticed portents of this Christmas season being different. I noticed it when people unbidden would wish me happy Thanksgiving. There seemed to be a note of exultance in their greeting. Not everyone would say “happy Thanksgiving,” but enough did that it got me to wondering. Was this

Hundreds of New York state voters to file suit calling the closed primary ‘a threat to our democratic system’ after claiming their party affiliation mysteriously changed

More than 200 outraged New York voters have joined a lawsuit claiming the party affiliation on their voter registration changed without their consent. The voters say they are unfairly being shut out of Tuesday’s primary. The suit, to be filed Monday in Brooklyn, calls for New York to be an open primary state, allowing anyone

Voters Dislike Ted Cruz as Much as They Hated Romney in 2012 and We Know How that Turned Out

It seems like it wouldn’t be possible, but Donald Trump is somehow Having a Bad Week. After a series of rough news cycles dominated by, among other things, his campaign manager being brought up on misdemeanor battery charges, he’s staring at historic levels of unpopularity for a presidential candidate. Trump’s standing with Republican primary voters remains

Former McCain staff: If Rand Paul is the 2016 nominee…

Republicans concerned with national security will have to support Hillary. Allahpundit, I’m two weeks late on this and wouldn’t have noticed it at all had the key bit not been quoted in this weekend’s NYT op-ed on the (potential) great Hillary/neoconservative alliance. But it should be noticed. The shortcomings of President Obama as a statesman