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Nancy Pelosi Begs Paul Ryan To Not Use Hacked Documents Against Dems

Bizpac Review, Nancy Pelosi has resorted to begging for mercy in the wake of the DNC hacked email scandal. But, what she offers as a reason is almost as dumb, and wildly ironic, as her “we have to pass the bill so that you can find out what is in it” line. The House minority leader sent a

NRCC Risks Benghazi Inquiry With Tin-Eared Fundraising Effort

Herb London  It is one of the greatest indictments of today’s poisonous political environment that Congressional Democrats and Republicans cannot even come together to investigate the murders of four American citizens, including a U.S. Ambassador, in Benghazi, Libya. One doesn’t have to be too old to remember a time when Democrats and Republicans put aside

Republican campaign group tweaks websites, makes them less misleading

 The National Republican group whose mission is to elect GOP House members has altered some of its misleading websites for 2014 congressional candidates, making it more clear that any contributions made through the sites will be going toward defeating Democrats, not supporting them. CNN Special Investigations Correspondent Drew Griffin featured the National Republican Congressional Committee’s