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The Trump Nuclear Bomb: Public Figures often quietly adopt his ideas

Victor Davis Hanson,   Other public figures won’t admit they agree with him — but they often quietly adopt his ideas. Donald Trump has a frightening habit of uttering things that many people apparently think, but would never express. And he blusters in such an off-putting and sloppy fashion that he alienates those who otherwise

Bill Kristol’s Candidate Says White Working Class Communities œDeserve to Die

Information Liberation | Chris Menahan,  It’s entirely clear at this point Kristol’s career is over and he just wants Hillary to win. The best candidate Kristol could drum up is a random cuck NRO writer who says white working class communities “deserve to die” and have no one to blame for their struggles but themselves.  

GOP Leaders Surrender To Trump

John Daniel Davidson, The Federalist Donald Trump went to Washington last week, and the GOP establishment jumped on the Trump train. They’re going to tell conservatives to do the same. It sure didn’t take long for Republicans in Washington to capitulate to Donald Trump. With the exception of House Speaker Paul Ryan, who is still

Obama Thinks Blacks Too Stupid to Understand

John Ransom  As Obama kicks off his “You’re Too Stupid to Understand” campaign tour, I’d like to make the following observation as a public service reminder: It’s not that Obama started believing his press clippings; it’s that Obama never for a moment doubted his press clippings. Generally, buying into the fables that the press tells

The Electromagnetic Pulse Threat From Within And From Without

by Terresa Monroe-Hamilton,   We have not only enemies throughout the Middle East, Asia and a whole host of communist countries… Taking down the grid and our defenses would open up a world of unpleasant opportunities for our enemies – financial and otherwise. The EMP threat from within and from without is here and is real.