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FBI request for Twitter account data may have overstepped legal guidelines

The FBI appeared to go beyond the scope of existing legal guidance in seeking certain kinds of internet records from Twitter as recently as last year, legal experts said, citing two warrantless surveillance orders the social media company published on Friday. Twitter said its disclosures were the first time the company had been allowed to

U.S. senator, opposing FBI email data grabs, places hold on spy bill

A Democratic senator on Monday prevented legislation from being quickly considered that would expand the FBI’s power to use secretive surveillance orders to obtain some Internet records, arguing it would lead to a “dramatic erosion” of U.S. privacy rights. Senator Ron Wyden of Oregon placed a hold on the annual Intelligence Authorization Act, which grants

Senate Rejects Effort to Circumvent 4th Amendment

Kurt Nimmo, John McCain wants FBI to search computer data without a warrant. On Wednesday, the Senate rejected an effort proposed by Armed Services Committee Chairman John McCain (R-Ariz.) and Senate Intelligence Committee Chairman Richard Burr (R-N.C.) to allow the FBI to search web browsing history, email account data and other electronic communications without a

Napolitano: FBI Plan to Access Browser History œMajor Step Towards Police State

Clifford Cunningham, It never gets better no matter who is in the White House, he said. The Obama administration is pushing Congress to amend existing surveillance laws to give the FBI unquestionable authority to access a person’s browser history without a warrant, a move Judge Andrew Napolitano slammed as “a major step towards a police