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Tankers carrying oil derail, catch fire in Va.

 Crews used cranes and other heavy equipment Thursday to clean up a derailment that plunged oil-carrying tanker cars into a Virginia river while state officials worked to determine the environmental impact of the thousands of gallons of spilled crude. Department of Environmental Quality spokesman Bill Hayden said state workers smelled oil downstream from the derailment

New York Trains To Install Audio and Video Recorders

Thousands of audio and video recorders to protect passengers from “train derailments” New York’s Metropolitan Transportation Authority announced its plan to install several thousand audio and video recorders on its commuter trains Wednesday, reportedly in response to federal safety recommendations. According to the National Transportation Safety Board, several derailments last year have prompted the need

Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 Mystery Deepens, Again Probe Sharpens Focus on Sabotage

 Officials suspect two different systems were shut off after the plane took off last weekend, one shortly after the other, people familiar with the investigation said. About an hour into the flight, the plane’s transponders stopped functioning, making it much more difficult for air-traffic control personnel to track or identify it via radar.  In the

Mysteries of Deep Often Yield When Jets Crash Over Water

Teams searching for the wide-body jetliner that vanished off Vietnam almost certainly will locate it and figure out what brought it down, according to aviation investigators and case files spanning four decades. Planes seemingly lost without a trace in waters miles deep have been found by remote-controlled submarines, or investigators gathered enough clues to determine