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Russian Railways paid billions of dollars to secretive private companies

 The state-owned rail giant, run by an old friend of President Vladimir Putin, has awarded vast sums to contractors who disguise their ownership, a Reuters investigation finds  MOSCOW – In the world’s biggest country, railways are still a route to riches. With nearly 1 billion passengers a year and $42 billion in annual sales, the

Putin Going After Chinese Money to Sustain Sagging Russian Economy

Russian President Vladimir Putin plans to open the door to Chinese money as U.S. and European sanctions over Ukraine threaten to tip the economy into recession, according to two senior government officials. The move would roll back informal limits on Chinese investment as Russia seeks to stimulate growth, said the officials, who have direct knowledge

Forcing Russia Out of Markets Seen as Ukraine Leverage

 Forcing Russia out of global financial markets is the strongest tool at U.S. President Barack Obama’s disposal if he wants to stop Vladimir Putin’s territorial ambitions, according to former government officials and sanctions specialists. Secretary of State John Kerry is meeting with Russian, Ukrainian and European Union officials in Geneva today to discuss the situation

World War III, Putin, Xi Jinping and Obama Are Tightening the Noose Around America’s Neck

The Common Sense Show – by Dave Hodges  Every journalist, if they write long enough, will experience the “I told you so” experience. Many who have written about the travails of President Obama must experience this feeling on a near-daily basis. This man has had his finger in seemingly every pie that has served to