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Sony Seeks Way to Release ‘The Interview’

 Sony Pictures Chief Executive Officer Michael Lynton is looking for a new way to release the satirical film “The Interview” after U.S. theater chains refused to show it over threats of violence from hackers linked to North Korea. Lynton, who runs the Culver City, California-based unit of Sony, said in an interview yesterday with CNN’s […] Read More →

Obama to Castro: “Here I Come to Save the Day!”

Humberto Fontova,   Did you notice the timing of President Obama’s economic lifeline to Castro as announced on December 17th under the guise of “changing our relations” with the people (emphasis mine) of Cuba?” No? But you have noticed the price at the gas pumps, right? These two items are closely related ….Oh and by the […] Read More →

The Real Barack Obama is Standing Up

In the final weeks of 2014, President Barack Obama has antagonized most of Washington by going his own way.  After years of battling with Republicans, stroking the egos of Democrats, and trying to keep together the fractious Democratic coalition that elected him twice, President Barack Obama is embracing the idea of YOLO, or in his […] Read More →

Obama: US ending outdated approach to Cuba

 President Barack Obama declared the end of America’s “outdated approach” to Cuba Wednesday, announcing the re-establishment of diplomatic relations as well as economic and travel ties with the communist island — a historic shift in U.S. policy that aims to bring an end to a half-century of Cold War enmity. “Isolation has not worked,” Obama […] Read More →

U.S. Braced for Blowback as CIA Report Lays Bare Abuses

 The U.S. braced for international blowback after revelations that American-held terrorism suspects received more brutal treatment than previously known, from forcible rectal feeding to being hung from iron bars, under a CIA interrogation program that was ended in 2009. Officials heightened security at U.S. posts worldwide and sought to reassure allies that might be alienated […] Read More →

Sexual threats, other CIA torture methods detailed in Senate report

 Graphic details about sexual threats and other harsh interrogation techniques the CIA meted out to captured militants will be detailed by a Senate Intelligence Committee report on the spy agency’s anti-terror tactics, sources familiar with the document said. The report, which the committee’s majority Democrats are expected to release on Tuesday, describes how senior al […] Read More →