Obama heads north to Alaska, where drilling decision looms large

President Barack Obama on Saturday defended his decision to allow Royal Dutch Shell to drill for oil in the Arctic Ocean under what he said were rigorous standards, fending off criticism by environmental groups. His message comes on the eve of a three-day tour of Alaska aimed at drawing attention to powerful images of melting… [Read More]

The “Great 8” Plan That Wins Presidency for Donald Trump

Wayne Allyn Root,  Something amazing just happened. A few days ago I watched Donald Trump give a political speech in a football stadium in Mobile Alabama. I watched Trump deliver the most inspiring political message since Ronald Reagan. When it was over, I knew I had just watched the next President of the United States…… [Read More]

BARACK OBAMA: Islam’s Epic Apologist

Pete Parker, Barack Obama is of the unwavering belief and opinion that Islam is a force for good–as well as a tremendous boon to mankind. And he never fails to use the bully pulpit to articulate (ram down our collective throats) these absurd falsehoods. Think I’m kidding? The following is but a partial list of… [Read More]

Obama’s $22.5M vacation home is 7,000 sf mansion; tell us more about income equality, Mr. President

Michael Schaus, Not everyone gets to vacation like President Barack Obama. Obama and his family are spending their 17-day Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts, vacation in a “humble” $22.5 million home complete with six bedrooms, five bathrooms, an oversized fireplace and a heated infinity pool. As Mel Brooks once said, “it’s good to be the king.” At… [Read More]

The Iran Deal Betrays America

Phyllis Schlafly,  As Americans learn the dangerous details of President Obama’s deal with Iran, Republican leaders should admit their mistake in passing Sen. Bob Corker’s (R-TN) bill that reversed the process for treaty ratification. Instead of a treaty requiring approval from two-thirds of the Senate, the Corker bill allows the Iran deal to be disapproved… [Read More]

Obama urged to retract statement comparing members of Congress to Iranian hardliners

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell called for President Obama to retract a statement he made Wednesday saying members of Congress who opposed the Iran nuke deal had something in common with Iranians who chanted “Death to America” in the streets of Tehran. Obama made the comments in a speech at American University in Washington while… [Read More]

Obama: If Congress Blocks My Iran Deal, I’ll Ignore The Law & Do It Anyway

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton,  How very fascist. So, Obama is saying that if Congress doesn’t play ball on approving the Iran deal, he might just go ahead and do it anyway. That violates the Constitution and the law. Technically he can’t do it – oh, but he will. Notice how Kerry sidestepped the issue? If Obama does… [Read More]

Obama: ‘If I ran again, I could win’

 President Obama is feeling good about his chances at re-election — if he could run again.  The president went off-script Tuesday during his address before the African Union, as he talked about the importance of term limits.  After citing the example of the U.S. presidency, he quipped: “I actually think I’m a pretty good president…. [Read More]

Obama: ‘I’m the first Kenyan-American to be president of the United States’, And More Family Info

Michael Dorstewitz,   President Obama might be visiting Kenya, but his mind is stuck on baiting critics back home. A crack Sunday in Nairobi is a case in point: It seemed aimed more at the so-called birthers — Americans who claim he was born in Kenya rather than Hawaii — than at his Kenyan audience. “I… [Read More]

Liberal Obama knocks Huckabee, Trump for slide in Republican rhetoric

 U.S. President Barack Obama criticized Republican presidential candidates Mike Huckabee and Donald Trump on Monday for their blunt rhetoric about the Iran nuclear agreement and other issues, saying it was damaging to political debate. Huckabee, one of more than a dozen candidates vying for the Republican presidential nomination, denounced a deal with world powers over… [Read More]

President Obama to Abortionists: “Thank You, Planned Parenthood. God Bless You.”

Ken Blackwell,  Planned Parenthood pays no taxes. Under President Obama, they’ve made more than $500 million in profits, but they claim to be a “non-profit” organization. They kill more than 800 children every day. And they have from the earliest days targeted minority women. They once had a “Negro Ministers” project designed to recruit black… [Read More]