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3 Out of 4 Judges Blocking President Trump are Obama/Clinton People

Daniel Greenfield, The various activist judicial orders attempting to sabotage President Trump’s plan to keep Americans safe run the range from illegal to wildly illegal. Heading up the list was Judge Ann Donnelly’s ridiculous order in New York, the first stay, which was filed on behalf of two detained men, who had already been released.

Ten Rebuttals to the Left’s Meltdown Over Trump-Pence

Jerry Newcombe, A month after the left’s meltdown over the Trump-Pence victory, it doesn’t seem to slow down. For example, the Drudge Report declared (12/4/16) “Madonna still can’t cope…‘Ashamed to be American’…” Protests on inauguration day may generate more fireworks on the 20th of January than on the 4th of July. But here are ten

Why I Am Voting for Trump

Bruce Bialosky, In an election that has focused on the personal characteristics of the two major party candidates, I still believe that this election revolves around policy. What will the candidate do if he or she is elected president? How will their policies affect our day-to-day lives? Applying the above to Hillary Clinton vs. Donald

Trump’s Immigration Plan is a Winner

Dan Celia, We now know what Donald Trump’s immigration plan looks like, after a strong primetime speech and a historic visit to Mexico. That’s more than we can say about Hillary Clinton’s immigration plan. Or, for that matter, her proposals for the economy or any other points she has bounced around in campaign conversation.  After

The Real Skinny on Jobs in America

Curtis Ellis, Obama touts a ‘growing economy,’ but the kind of jobs his economy is producing aren’t made to last. The monthly jobs report for June is out and the administration’s apologists are spinning it as great news. The underlying reality is not so pretty. The offshoring of better-paying U.S. jobs and the replacement of American

Hillary Clinton’s amazing, almost comical economic speech

Steve Moore,   What an amazing speech in Columbus on Tuesday by Hillary Clinton. She started off by telling the American people what is patently obvious: “People are working harder and longer just to keep their heads above water.  And to deal with the costs, the everyday costs, the costs of basics like childcare and