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Obama Inc. They Thought Hillary Would Win #RussianHacks

Daniel Greenfield,   Set aside everything else about this entire contentious debate and can this be viewed as anything other than an admission of politically motivated treason. The Obama administration didn’t respond more forcefully to Russian hacking before the presidential election because they didn’t want to appear to be interfering in the election and they

Obama Plans to Rule America Outside the White House

Daniel Greenfield,  …and he might get away with it. Barack Obama has two faces. After Trump’s victory and Hillary’s defeat, the public Obama has been gracious and diplomatic. His lectures to Trump, directly and indirectly, are couched in praise. He echoed the feeling of millions on both sides when he said, “We are now all

Obama Inc. Throws Tantrum Over 9/11 Veto Override

Daniel Greenfield,  Grace under pressure. That’s the Obama gang. When they lose, they are gracious losers. Noble in defeat. Generous to their foes. The White House lashed out at the Senate Wednesday for overriding President Obama’s veto of legislation that would allow U.S. citizens to sue Saudi Arabia over the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks.  “I would venture

Putin Rules the World While Children Run America

Michael Schaus  The Obama Administration’s community organizing response to Vladimir Putin’s eastern European aggression continues to stun spectators with its amateurish incompetence. In addition to channeling Neville Chamberlin, and scolding a few Russian Oligarchs through unenforceable sanctions, the State Department has adopted the diplomatic juggernaut of Twitter as the medium for their next useless gesture.