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October Surprises: Trump and Pence Remind Us that This Is a Change Election

James P. Pinkerton, Breitbart 1. The October Surprise Remember the “October Surprise”? I sure do. Back in the 1980 presidential campaign, the October Surprise was the rumor that the incumbent president, Jimmy Carter, vexed as he was by the Iranian hostage crisis, would pull off some shocking ploy—such as gaining the sudden release of the

Clinton: “Secret” Envelope Has all the Hallmarks of a Hillary “October Surprise”

Michael Hammond,  So…….Let’s review the bidding. At the first presidential debate, Hillary Clinton “pulled a Harry Reid.” As Reid did with Mitt Romney, Hillary used a softball question from the “moderator” Lester Holt to speculate on Donald Trump’s tax returns. In particular, Clinton hypothesized that Trump paid little or no income taxes. But unlike with

October Surprise #WikiLeaks Releases 2,050 Emails From Clinton and Podesta

WikiLeaks has released 2,050 emails from Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta, in what they said was “the first of well over 50,000.” The emails include paid speeches from Hillary Clinton, in which she boasted to private audiences that she was for “open trade and open borders” and admitted to being “kind of removed from the middle

Wikileaks ‘October Surprise’? Julian Assange Wants to Take Down Google

Bryan Clark, By now it should come as no surprise that Julian Assange isn’t a fan of Hillary Clinton. It doesn’t seem that he likes Google much, either. Assange, the notorious founder of Wikileaks, detailed plans to unleash a fresh batch of leaked documents  each week until the November 8th presidential election. The first of these

A WikiLeaks’ ‘October Surprise’ Full Video: Julian Assange Promises More Soon

Anyone who stayed up late or got up early anticipating an “October Surprise” from WikiLeaks heard no bombshells from the organization’s founder in an overnight appearance via video. Julian Assange, who was originally planning to make an announcement from the balcony of the Ecuadorean Embassy in London where he has lived for five years, instead

Historic Live Coverage: Wikileaks’ Hillary October Surprise, This info will devastate Hillary. Share This Link Join Alex Jones and the Infowars crew at 2:00AM CT on Tuesday, Oct. 4, for a live broadcast as Wikileaks releases its October Surprise that could swing the election against Hillary if it catches fire. SHARE THIS LINK: Yes, you read that right: 2:00

Week of ‘bombshell’ stories on Clinton, A Prelude to bruising close to WH Race?

The 2016 presidential race now appears in full scandal mode Hillary Clinton being privately indifferent to the millennial voters whose support she needs — with no end in sight. To be sure, Trump has even vowed to bring up at the next presidential debate claims about former President Bill Clinton having extra-marital affairs and wife Hillary’s

Update WikiLeaks October Surprise is Dropping Tuesday?

Update: WikiLeaks reports that the Tuesday announcement will still take place as scheduled. However, instead of having Julian Assange give his announcement on the balcony of the embassy, the announcement will take place via a video conference which will air at a Berlin press conference. The press conference is slated to take place on Tuesday

October Surprise: Assange may make video WikiLeaks Announcement Soon

Heat Street, Wikileaks has abruptly canceled a much-anticipated announcement on Tuesday, according to NBC News. The announcement had been expected to be founder Julian Assange’s long-promised document dump on Hillary Clinton. NBC’s Jesse Rodriguez reported that the Tuesday announcement — which was to come from the balcony of London’s Ecuadorian Embassy, where Assange has sought

Soros-Linked ‘October Surprise’: Campaign To Register 8 Million ‘Global Citizens’ To Vote

Liam Deacon, Breitbart A new campaign, touted as the “October surprise that will end Trump”, is seeking to mobilise a “secret swing state” of more than 8 million mostly unregistered “global citizens” and “progressive” Americans living abroad to vote in the U.S. election. The initiative was launched in London in the United Kingdom on Wednesday

Clinton campaign in panic mode as Wikileaks ‘October Surprise’ looms

100,000 Clinton Documents By Wikileaks Will Destroy Hillary! WikiLeaks could release as many as 100,000 pages of new material related to Hillary Clinton before the election, Julian Assange said Thursday, thanks in part to new sources who stepped forward after the organization leaked internal emails from the Democratic National Committee. Many have speculated that the

œOctober Surprise Coming From the IRS

Bob Barr, The “October Surprise” this election cycle may come not from one of the presidential candidates, but from an unlikely source – the Internal Revenue Service.  The ramifications of such a move are all bad, especially for conservative-oriented groups, and will reverberate far beyond any one candidate or political party.  Whether the Congress has