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DHS Loses Thousands of ‘Keys to the Kingdom’

Michael Cutler,  And issues some “keys” to the wrong people. President-Elect Donald Trump’s campaign promise to build a wall to separate the United States from Mexico resonated with many Americans and galvanized their support, which ultimately enabled him to win the election.  These voters want to prevent narcotics and illegal aliens and the criminals and terrorists

James O’Keefe Video Shows Weakness in Comey’s Initial FBI Clinton Email Investigation

Lee Stranahan, A new video from Project Veritas shows just how lax the initial FBI investigation into the Hillary Clinton email scandal was. James O’Keefe’s team shows that the Bureau never interviewed a State Department worker who spoke to Hillary Clinton aide Huma Abedin for a half hour in December 2010 about problems then-Secretary of

DHS head: 750 immigrants granted accidental citizenship

Katie Bo Williams | The Hill The incident has drawn ire on Capitol Hill. The actual number of individuals under deportation orders who were accidentally given U.S. citizenship is around 750, approximately 100 fewer than a watchdog reported, Department Homeland Security (DHS) Secretary Jeh Johnson said Tuesday. Pressed at a hearing by Sen. Ben Sasse (R-Neb.)

Thousands of State Department e-mail accounts still risk being hacked, report says

Nearly six years after auditors first warned—back in then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s day—that thousands of unused or neglected State Department e-mail accounts risked “being compromised by unauthorized users for unauthorized purposes,” thousands of similar accounts still exist, according to an internal watchdog report. By federal rules, the inactive accounts are supposed to be shut

Clinton campaign’s email defense takes hits from all sides after IG report

Hillary Clinton’s myriad statements explaining her exclusive use of personal email for official business while secretary of state are coming under heavy fire from all sides in the wake of a damaging inspector general report – and her campaign’s insistence the report proves her practices were nothing unusual is being met with similar criticism. Top

State Department audit faults Clinton on emails, says she broke records rules

The State Department watchdog, in an extensive and detailed report, accused Hillary Clinton of flouting federal records rules and cybersecurity guidelines with her exclusive use of personal email for government business while secretary of state. The forthcoming inspector general audit, a copy of which was obtained by, faults Clinton and her predecessors for poorly

Are they Planning to Shoot Farmers Next?

James Simpson DC Independent Examiner  UPDATE:  The original article posted yesterday jumped the gun a bit (no pun intended). USDA confirmed this morning that there are two law enforcement agencies within the USDA: the Forest Service and the Ag Department’s Office of Inspector General (OIG). The USDA submachine gun acquisition request was placed by the OIG.

$6 bn worth of contracts misplaced by State Department

 The US State Department is unable to explain how it spent billions of dollars worth of contract funds in areas throughout the world, according to a newly unveiled report by the department’s internal watchdog. The Office of Inspector General explained in a March 20 “management alert” to department leaders that approximately $6 billion has gone

V.A. employees destroyed veterans’ medical records to cancel backlogged exam requests

 Employees of the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) destroyed veterans’ medical files in a systematic attempt to eliminate backlogged veteran medical exam requests, a former VA employee told The Daily Caller. Audio of an internal VA meeting obtained by TheDC confirms that VA officials in Los Angeles intentionally canceled backlogged patient exam requests. “The committee