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Zeroing-In: House Repeals Obamacare

Jim Stinson, Affordable Care Act headed for budget reconciliation at the hands of GOP Senate. The U.S. House of Representatives passed a repeal of Affordable Care Act on Friday afternoon, tucked into a budget bill that will eventually repeal the health care law better known as Obamacare. Despite doubters who claimed the House Republicans might

Donald Trump wins support from Native American coalition

Washington Times “One more organization to the has announced their support for Mr. Trump. A newly formed Native American Coalition is made up of members who hail from tribal organizations in 15 states and include both grass-roots leaders and elected officials. “The daily flood of new federal regulations keep Indian Country from becoming self-sufficient. Local

Trump’s Wins Have Republicans Moving From Denial to Acceptance

When it comes to Donald Trump, Republicans in Congress are past denial and anger. Some haven’t quite given up on bargaining, still dreaming of a contested convention.  But after Trump’s dominance in Tuesday’s five-state presidential primaries, most are moving through depression toward acceptance. Now, those finding themselves at the fifth stage of grief are starting to