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Should Snowden Pardon President Obama?

Paul Jacob,  Much has been said and written about Edward J. Snowden, from bloggers to prize-winning journalists, from TV talking heads to the presidential candidates of both major parties. A diversity of opinion, sure, but the facts are not really in dispute. As a former CIA employee and then Booz Allen Hamilton contractor, Snowden took

U.S. House panel slams former NSA contractor Snowden

A U.S congressional intelligence committee on Thursday issued a scathing report accusing former National Security Agency contractor Edward Snowden of leaking information that “caused tremendous damage” to U.S. national security, lying about his background and feuding with co-workers. In a report endorsed by both its Republican and Democratic leaders, the House intelligence committee said Snowden

Oliver Stone: Obama’s “Lack of Spine

Leftist filmmaker slams Obama as “weak man”  Leftist filmmaker Oliver Stone slammed President Barack Obama during an event this past weekend, accusing Obama of selling out as soon as he got in office while exhibiting a stunning “lack of spine.” During a panel discussion entitled ‘Imperial Overreach and the National Security State” which took place

JFK 50th Anniversary: Director amazed that anyone still believes Oswald acted alone


Oliver Stone: Zapruder Film Was Altered With the 50th anniversary of the assassination of JFK approaching later this month, three-time Academy Award-winning director Oliver Stone says that the Zapruder film was tampered with. Appearing on Democracy Now, Stone said that the infamous Zupruder footage, which shows Kennedy being shot in the head from the front,