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The Atlantic Council: The Marketing Arm of the Military/Security Complex

Paul Craig Roberts, How much did the military-security complex pay the Atlantic Council to publish this sales pitch to Poland to load up on US weapons systems? The sales pitch was written by arms salesmen Richard Shirreff, a partner at Strategia Worldwide Ltd., and Maciej Olex-Szczytowski, a “business adviser specializing in defense.” The sales pitch

Trump and Clinton’s Next Competition: Michael Phelps and the Olympics

With conventions over, the campaigns will need to be creative to break through with their messages in August. The conventions are over and Americans are preparing for final summer vacations and Olympic viewing parties, but the intensity of the presidential campaigns shows no signs of entering its traditional August slowdown.  The explosion of social-media traffic compared

Is The Risk Of Catching Zika Greater In Poor Neighborhoods?

“Avoid visiting impoverished or overcrowded areas.” That phrase — initially included in the World Health Organization’s statement of advice to visitors to Rio for the Olympic Games, has caused controversy in Brazil. Rio’s mayor, among others, have condemned the recommendation, which some Brazilians feel unfairly stigmatizes poor residents and locks them out of tourist dollars

Postpone Rio Olympics? WHO to hold emergency meeting about Zika

The World Health Organization’s Emergency Committee on Zika will meet to evaluate the risks tied to going on with the Olympic Games in Brazil this summer. Geneva and New York, With debate growing over the safety of holding the Olympics in Brazil amid the ongoing Zika virus outbreak, the World Health Organization’s Emergency Committee on Zika will meet in the coming

Corruption, doping, instability: Is it the end of the Olympic Games as we know them?

The ideals of the Olympics are noble and worthwhile. In sports, nothing is better than the gathering of a peaceful, friendly competition, where the youth of the world can display the best in athletics that the planet can offer. The corruption of Russia, through its state sponsored sanctioning of doping of their Olympians, threatens the

GUN CONTROL: Failing In Other Countries As Well

We received the following press release via email from Fabricio Rebelo, Bachelor of Law, a researcher in public safety for the Movimento Viva Brazil NGO. Brazilian Disarmament: An Undisputed FailureThe public security field should be immune to ideological experiments, because it’s subjects are individuals, the citizens who make up the population of a country. Thus,

Google Gay Rights Doodle Kicks Off 2014 Sochi Winter Olympic Games

Danny Goodwin,  Google’s home page today celebrates the start of the 2014 Winter Olympics and also protests Russia’s stance on gay rights in the form of a Doodle. Abandoning its usual primary colors, Google’s logo adopts rainbow colors symbolic of gay pride. The sports depicted in Google’s Doodle are skiing, hockey, curling, bobsledding, figure skating,