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Second presidential debate: What time does it start and where can I watch it?

With one debate behind them, Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton and Republican rival Donald Trump will go head-to-head again Sunday as they meet for their second debate of the 2016 campaign cycle. Clinton, who saw a post-debate boost following the first presidential forum, will look to continue building momentum for her campaign in the final

Illegal IRS Rule to Increase Taxes & Spending under Obamacare


The written testimony that Jonathan Adler and I submitted for the House Oversight Committee hearing on the Internal Revenue Service’s unlawful attempt to increase taxes and spending under Obamacare is now online. An excerpt: Contrary to the clear language of the statute and congressional intent, this [IRS] rule issues tax credits in health insurance “exchanges

President Obama the online underdog


  President Barack Obama steps onto the campaign stage brimming with confidence and delivers the kind of rousing speeches made for TV ad sound bites. But that confident image disappears when the Obama campaign speaks to voters by email, sending messages that sound a lot more like they’re from a desperate underdog than an incumbent