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Charter Schools Prove Even Slight Separation from Government Yields Better Results

Teresa Mull, It’s National Charter Schools Week, and parents, students, teachers, and community members across the nation are celebrating the success of their independent schools. Charters are technically public schools, since they’re publicly funded, tuition-free, and open to all students, but they’re privately managed and held to higher accountability standards than traditional public schools in

Victor Davis Hanson: Potemkin Universities, How Melodramatic has become a classical tragedy

Victor Davis Hanson, College campuses still appear superficially to be quiet, well-landscaped refuges from the bustle of real life. But increasingly, their spires, quads and ivy-covered walls are facades. They are now no more about free inquiry and unfettered learning than were the proverbial Potemkin fake buildings put up to convince the traveling Russian czarina

Trump’s Executive Immigration Order: Tens Of Thousands Of Visas Already Revoked

Hank Berrien, President Trump’s executive immigration order is having a giant impact already; over 100,000 visas have been revoked in the last week, according to the Department of Justice. That fact was revealed by Erez Reuveni of the DOJ’s Office of Immigration Litigation in court on Friday. The State  Department contradicted the DOJ, asserting that

Super Bowl 51 To Draw Billions In Illegal Bets

Thomas Barrabi, Whether legal or not, this Sunday’s Super Bowl 51 is projected to be yet another multi-billion dollar day for sportsbooks. This year’s matchup between the New England Patriots and the Atlanta Falcons will draw $4.7 billion in total wagers, according to estimates from the American Gaming Association, a lobbying firm that represents the

Thanks to Capitalism, the Future Is Quickly Arriving

Michael Schaus, The future is apparently upon us. It’s true that we don’t yet have flying cars, cities built on clouds or Back-to-the-Future-style hover boards. But we are on the verge of having self-driving cars. And we already have telephones with more computing power than the system that successfully landed men on the moon. And

The real story behind Hillary’s reckless failure to protect classified information

Sean M. Bigley, With the Clinton campaign now openly gloating over Sunday’s FBI announcement, I remain disheartened that the national media is missing the real story: the truly Marie Antoinette-like manner in which Mrs. Clinton discharged national security responsibilities other than her duty to keep classified information off an unsecure personal server. Antoinette, as you

How Obama’s Student-Loan Policy Makes College Impossible to Afford

John Perazzo, And the Democratic solution is to double down on it. One of the most crushing economic burdens that will plague today’s young Americans for decades to come, is the debt they incur on their college student loans. Seven of every ten graduating collegians owe money on such loans, and their average debt is

FACT CHECK: Air Force One, Who Pays?

Air Force One: Who pays? That’s the question a lot of people were asking after Hillary Clinton hitched a ride to Charlotte, N.C., this week with President Obama for their first joint campaign appearance. While it’s unusual for an incumbent president to campaign actively for his would-be successor, the question itself is not new. It’s

Supremely Wrong Court Protects Gosnells Instead Of Women’s Health

Ryan Bomberger, Maybe it’s the robes that give five people the misimpression that they’re magicians. Who needs the Constitution when a handful of supremely powerful justices can magically create their own laws, conjuring up legislation in the guise of a judgment? In Whole Woman’s Health versus Hellerstedt, Justice Breyer invokes the word “Constitution” 103 times

Trump’s Speech: A Game Changer, It will change the dynamic of this election.

David Horowitz, Trump’s speech on national security, which he delivered today, will change the dynamic of this election. The speech was specific, detailed and on the money. Trump showed how strategic securing the border is, how important stopping immigration from terror zones like Syria is, and how deadly political correctness has become. Political correctness –

Eric Holder: Fingerprinting Is Racist

Debra J. Saunders, Former Attorney General Eric Holder has come out against proposals in Chicago and New Jersey to require fingerprint background checks of drivers for ride-hailing platforms such as Uber and Lyft. Why would President Obama’s onetime top lawman come out against regulation that is supposed to protect the riding public? Credit the intersection