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Allen West: Trump’s Labor pick Andy Puzder would unleash opportunity in urban centers

Allen West, President Donald Trump’s inaugural address mentioned the “carnage” taking place in American inner cities. This followed his recent criticism of Georgia Rep. John Lewis’s Atlanta district as “in horrible shape and falling apart.” Though taken as a whole these comments may be exaggerations, his spotlight on the continuing plight of American urban centers is

Why I would sing for the Inauguration of Donald Trump #Patriots

Gracie Rosenberger, As an increasing number of artists express reluctance regarding performing for the inauguration for Donald Trump,  I recall numerous opportunities I’ve had to perform for various political, state, and national events.  Tennessee Governor Phil Bredesen (D) invited me to perform at his first inauguration—the first woman with a disability to do so. I

Laura Ingraham: Obama ‘squandered a lot of opportunities’ as president

Fox News contributor Laura Ingraham said Tuesday night that President Barack Obama’s farewell address in Chicago was a “well-produced event,” but failed to disguise the fact that his policies “do not work.” “Personally, he’s very popular, that doesn’t surprise me at all,” Ingraham told “Hannity” following Obama’s speech. “[But] he has laid waste to our productivity,

Thomas Sowell: Where Are We?

Thomas Sowell,  We are now in a kind of political no-man’s-land between an administration on its way out and a new administration taking shape. Predictions are always risky — and nowhere more so than in times like these. What we can do, however, is assess where we are, and what some of the opportunities and

Microsoft just finalized its deal for LinkedIn — here’s what happens next

Matt Rosoff, Microsoft’s $26.2 billion acquisition of LinkedIn, which was announced back in June, finally closed on Thursday — and Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella outlined where the two companies are going to integrate their products next. As expected, the companies will integrate LinkedIn’s Sales Navigator tool for salespeople into Microsoft’s CRM tool, Dynamics, which was

Why We Must Defend the Constitution, the Guardian of Liberty

Congressman Keith Rothfus,  September 17 is a special day for our country.  That is the day, in 1787, when the Constitutional Convention meeting in Philadelphia agreed to the framework for the nation’s government, our Constitution. Every American should take time that day to read the seven articles and twenty-seven amendments that are supposed to guide

What Hillary gets wrong about America’s ‘moment of reckoning’

Peter Morici,  Accepting the Democratic Party’s nomination for president, Hillary Clinton declared the country is at a moment of reckoning. Here’s the truth: America’s economy is a mess and our social fabric is fraying. That’s why Donald Trump, not Hillary Clinton, offers a better way forward. Powerful computers, the Internet, handheld devices, robots and artificial