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U.S. blacklists three al Qaeda members living in Iran

The United States on Wednesday blacklisted three members of al Qaeda living in Iran, saying they had helped the Islamist militant group on the battlefield, with finance and logistics, and in mediating with Iranian authorities. Iran has held several al Qaeda high-ranking members and lower-level militants since the Sept. 11, 2001 attacks on New York

Pakistani Taliban attack airport in Karachi, 27 dead

 Taliban militants disguised as security forces stormed Pakistan’s busiest airport on Sunday and at least 27 people were killed in a night-long battle at one of the country’s most high-profile targets. The assault on Jinnah International Airport in Karachi, Pakistan’s sprawling commercial hub of 18 million people, all but destroys prospects for peace talks between

Polio Battles Back to Gain Foothold Where War Brings Chaos

Umaima Ahmed opens her mouth at a polio vaccination booth outside the international airport in Karachi, Pakistan, as a health-care worker squeezes a few drops of clear liquid onto the three-year-old’s tongue. “It’s good that the kids are vaccinated,” says Tariq Ahmed, the girl’s uncle, as another uncle wraps a garland of rose petals around