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Times of Israel Lies About Pamela Geller, Robert Spencer

Daniel Greenfield,  I have a firm policy of not linking to the Times of Israel. Despite its name, the paper is a left-wing anti-Israel smear site. This is another reminder why. The Times of Israel ran a press release for HIAS, masquerading as an article, by Cathryn J. Prince. The article praised HIAS, an organization in

Bomb threats at Jewish centers across America

Pamela Geller, Click to deleteJewish community centers in at least five different states, as well as several Jewish schools in the United Kingdom, all received similar bomb threats this morning. This is an emerging pattern. Last week, a couple of Florida Jewish centers/synagogues were evacuated for the same reason. While jihadis slaughtered with impunity, the

Pamela Geller: Trump Is Right, and He Must Win

Pamela Geller, The post-jihad denial that we see in the wake of every Islamic attack since 9/11 has made possible the wild successes of Islamic groups that are waging jihad in the cause of Islam. After every jihad terror attack, Islamic supremacists and their paid shills in the media unleash relentless, vicious attacks upon those

Obama’s Hypocrisy on Gays


Pamela Geller Having been made a complete fool of by Russia’s Putin, Obama is in schoolyard whining mode, making fun of Putin and calling him names while criticizing Russia’s stand on gays. This is beneath the office of the president and once again demonstrates how out of his depth our buffoon-in-chief is. In criticizing Putin, Obama