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Justices Should Toss Dems’ Phony Election Lawsuit

Betsy McCaughey, If you can’t win, change the rules. Democrats and progressive activists are joining forces to urge the U.S. Supreme Court to interfere in how election districts are drawn in all 50 states. In Gill v. Whitford, they’re challenging how Republican lawmakers in Wisconsin drew the state’s election map. The justices will hear the

Justice Gorsuch: Senate Confirms Trump’s First SCOTUS Pick

Ian Mason, The Senate voted just before noon Friday to confirm Judge Neil Gorsuch to the Nation’s highest bench. The vote, originally set for Friday evening, was moved up to the morning after Democrats agreed to wave part of the final debate period. Gorsuch, President Donald Trump’s pick to replace conservative anchor of the Court,

Democrats: Party of Obstruction

Daniel Greenfield, The “resistance” remains determined to sabotage the Trump presidency — rather than help the American people. Forget all the pages of the Democratic Party platform. The only real Democratic platform left is the one sung by Groucho Marx in Horse Feathers. “Whatever it is, I’m against it.” The elected Democrats still surviving amid

Sen. Schumer? Put Some Sauce on That

John Kass, New York’s Charles Schumer, boss of the Democrat minority in the Senate, is clearly under great stress, allegedly having screamed at a woman in a New York restaurant. But, hey, stress happens, especially when you start a partisan thermonuclear political war to kill the confirmation of a respected jurist like Neil Gorsuch to

Why Democrats and Republicans are both wrong about Putin and Russia

Judith Miller, Douglas E. Schoen, No single foreign policy challenge is more contentious, or crucial, than getting Russia right. Under President Donald Trump, Republicans and Democrats have embraced diametrically opposing views on how to handle President Vladimir Putin. Both have it wrong. Throughout the campaign and the initial days of his presidency, Mr. Trump has

Democratic resignation at FEC opens door for Trump to “drain the swamp”

A Democrat who sits on the Federal Election Commission, says partisan gridlock and dysfunction led her to resign before her term expires. Ann Ravel’s early exit gives President Donald Trump the opportunity to “drain the swamp” and shake up the campaign finance system. “People from all walks of life should be able to run for

I’m a Democrat (and ex-CIA) but the spies plotting against Trump are out of control

Bryan Dean Wright, Over the past few months, America has lurched from partisan warfare to the cliffs of an existential crisis. Multiple reports show that my former colleagues in the intelligence community have decided that they must leak or withhold classified information due to unsettling connections between President Trump and the Russian Government. Said an

Why the Media’s Trump Lie Machine is Failing

Daniel Greenfield, No one believes the media anymore. Every five minutes the many mouths of the media broadcast, type, post and shriek that President Donald J. Trump is a liar. After months of this treatment, more voters find him truthful than them. 49% of voters believe that Trump and his people are telling the truth.

Teamsters’ President Jim Hoffa: Kellogg’s Has Turned Its Back on Working Families

Jerome Hudson, Jim  Hoffa, president of the International Brotherhood of Teamsters, says his organization will “fight” Kellogg’s decision to shift from direct delivery of its foods to stores, a move that will result in the firing of more than 1,100 full-time workers at Kellogg’s facilities across the country. “On February 8, The Kellogg Company (NYSE: K) announced its short-sighted