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Our Politics Must be People and Principle Based, Not Partisan

Paul Jacob, Get Over It Nobody cares one whit whether or not you consider Donald J. Trump your president. He is now the president of these United States of America. He won the election fair and square, by the rules — Electoral College and all — that everyone knew well in advance. I won’t say,

Obamacare, Dead Plan Walking

Paul Jacob, “Republicans would create chaos in the health care system because they are stuck,” Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer says, “between a rock and a cliché.” Oh. Off by a word or two. But I don’t need to fix it. What needs to be fixed is the whole medical-industrial complex, including the over-regulated, mis-regulated,

The Man is Dead and Gone

Paul Jacob, A commentator on MSNBC referred to him as “a polarizing figure.” Indeed. At one pole we find folks blinded by their love for socialism, and at the other, those of us believing in fundamental human rights. Fidel Castro, the dictator of Cuba for more than half a century, is dead. The New York

Wisconsin’s Morning After

Paul Jacob,  Regarding mornings, put me in Sheriff Hopper’s camp. He’s the Stranger Things character, repeatedly informing folks: “Mornings are for coffee and contemplation.” Speaking of stranger things, who expects an early-morning SWAT-like police raid on their home? Three years ago, that’s what happened to Cindy Archer. Near dawn, a dozen police officers in flak