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Democrats Have a History of ‘We Was Robbed’ Articles of Faith

Fred Lucas, On Thursday, speaking about a discredited report on Russia and President-elect Donald Trump, Rush Limbaugh told his radio audience, “this is going be a four-year story folks,” because it’s “rooted in the narrative that Trump’s election was stolen by the Russians and it’s not legitimate. Hours after Limbaugh’s prediction, Matthew Miller, a former

Now They Tell Us: Trump’s Economic Plan Will Boost Growth

Economy: If we heard anything about Donald Trump’s proposals from mainstream economists before the election, it was that he’d send the economy into a tailspin. Now, after Trump’s Nov. 8 victory, they are suddenly revising their forecasts upward. Go figure. When it was clear that Trump was going to win the election early Wednesday morning

What Was the Election All About?

John C. Goodman,  Even before Tuesday’s voters brought a dramatic end to the political career of Hillary Clinton and served up a stunning rebuke to the presidency of Barack Obama, the chattering class had a weird spin on what was happening. “I can’t identify a single issue … domestic or foreign, in 2016, because no

Now it’s Clinton vs. Comey, with hypocrisy on both sides

Howard Kurtz,   Perhaps the most fascinating aspect of the FBI again investigating Hillary Clinton is the rather predictable partisan back-flips. No sooner did we learn that James Comey had come up with new email evidence than Donald Trump—and some conservative commentators—came to a much more positive view of the FBI director. Before, he was

Clinton raising money on media ‘bias,’ a new rallying cry on the left

Howard Kurtz,  Donald Trump has spent a good part of his campaign ripping the “dishonest” media as treating him unfairly. In fact, he was at it again the other day, tweeting: “@CNN is unwatchable. Their news on me is fiction. They are a disgrace to the broadcasting industry and an arm of the Clinton campaign.”

Ron Paul: Fascism, A Bipartisan Affliction

If neoconservatives and progressives truly understood fascism, they would stop using the word as a smear term. That is because both groups, along with most political figures and commentators, embrace fascist ideas and policies. Fascism’s distinguishing characteristic is a “mixed economy.” Unlike socialists and communists who seek to abolish private business, fascists are content to

John Kerry, Al Gore, Paul Krugman and Other Unreasonable Liberal Facsimiles

John Ransom, Jonsey wrote: John, Merry Christmas (God forbid, I should say Happy Holidays or Sarah P might have a heart attack). In your article, you forgot one thing: Paul Krugman won a Nobel prize for economics and you didn’t. He is one smart gentleman. Do have a glorious Christmas and may your heart be