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Against the Tyranny of the So-Called Experts

Kurt Schlichter, America’s elite – that collection of puffed up mediocrities who until recently held the undisputed command of the heights of our politics and culture – is in crisis. Its unbroken track record of failure has finally stirred the rest of America from its coma. The normals are now hella woke, and the elitists

Trump says ‘Hamilton’ cast ‘rude’ to Pence, ‘harrased’ him, wants apology

President-elect Donald Trump on Saturday said the cast of the hit Broadway show “Hamilton” was “rude” to White House teammate Mike Pence and that he deserves an apology for being “harassed.” “Our wonderful future V.P. Mike Pence was harassed last night at the theater by the cast of Hamilton, cameras blazing. This should not happen!”

When Citizens Threaten the Establishment

David Grantham, The outcome of this presidential election will not change the fact that the United States is experiencing an internal Thucydides Trap –? a reference to how the emerging power of Athens struck fear in the heart of the established power in Sparta, sparking the ancient Peloponnesian War.  According to Gallup polling, trust in government

Momentum Is With Trump As Hillary Is Stranded At the Gate of Liberalism

CONRAD BLACK, The last of the endless refuges of the Never Trump brigades were vacated as the once unthinkable Trump campaign departed Cleveland victorious. All the claims that there would be an anti-Trump coup attempt by procedural experts at the convention, or a fractured party and a third candidate, or a political disaster that would

Trump’s Jujitsu Overthrow of Liberalism

Steven Hayward, On the surface Trump’s attack on the presiding judge in his civil trial over Trump University is reckless, irresponsible, menacing, and . . . just plain wacko. Jonah Goldberg speculates that what he’s really trying to do is force the judge to recuse himself and have another judge take over the case, which

GOP Leaders Surrender To Trump

John Daniel Davidson, The Federalist Donald Trump went to Washington last week, and the GOP establishment jumped on the Trump train. They’re going to tell conservatives to do the same. It sure didn’t take long for Republicans in Washington to capitulate to Donald Trump. With the exception of House Speaker Paul Ryan, who is still

Trump’s Mission To Make America Great Again: How It’s Been Done, How He Can Do It Again

James P. Pinkerton, Breitbart   A key point to remember about American Greatness is that you can see it: It’s tangible. If America is rich, if its middle class is prosperous, you can tell. If our military is strong, you can see that, too. If we’re winning our wars and destroying our enemies, we know

Leftists really need to chillax over #TheChalkening

Taylor Millard, The Leftists going nuts over #TheChalkening really need to chillax and remember the benefits of free speech. #TheChalkening is a bunch of college students putting up pro-Donald Trump messages on college campuses because they know it makes the skin crawl of those who don’t support him. It all started after Emory University students