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GOP Polls The Pennsylvania numbers ” Trump 49, Cruz 26, Kasich 22 #AmericaFirst

Good news for Peter King, at least: He won’t be committing suicide this year after all. The Pennsylvania numbers — Trump 49, Cruz 26, Kasich 22 — are eye-popping, but you should know the delegate rules there well enough by now to know there’s a catch. Namely, 54 of the 71 delegates are unbound regardless

How are Pennsylvania’s GOP delegates selected? Voters Please Read This

If this year’s presidential primaries offer an education on the nation’s byzantine voting rules, Pennsylvania may need its own extra-credit seminar. The state is the largest among five voting Tuesday and will be crucial in deciding who secures the GOP presidential nomination, whether it’s determined before or during this summer’s Republican National Convention in Cleveland.

Trump poised to romp in Tuesday’s primary, but organization will be key to winning delegates

Brendan Kirby, Polizette  The retooled Donald Trump campaign is playing catch-up in the fight for Pennsylvania’s delegates, most of whom will be elected directly by congressional district, with no indication on the ballot of whom those delegates support. Jan Ting, a Temple University law professor who is running for delegate in the 7th Congressional District

Ted Cruz: If You Can’t Win Voters Buy the Delegates? #CruzCheat

Jazz Shaw, Over the weekend we saw a lot of praise for Ted Cruz and his team’s savvy negotiations in North Dakota which resulted in many delegates being selected who were favorably inclined toward the Texas senator. But how exactly did that happen? We already know that, much like the case in Colorado, the voters

Pennsylvania Republicans Join Big Labor In Healthcare Fight

Fred Wszolek  The Keystone State has traditionally been regarded as a union stronghold, but recently some lawmakers have taken steps to break their politically motivated partisan influence. Republican lawmakers introduced legislation to change the state’s taxpayer-funded union dues collection system and close loopholes that protect union members from anti-stalking laws. Despite these advances, the Workforce