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President-elect Donald Trump broke his silence Saturday on the multi-state vote-recount effort led by Jill Stein and joined this weekend by Hillary Clinton, another failed 2016 White House candidate, calling the effort “ridiculous” and a scam. Stein, the Green Party candidate, started the effort a couple of days ago to get recounts in Michigan, Pennsylvania

Trump launches blistering attack on media

Donald Trump launched a blistering counterattack Thursday in response to multiple allegations of sexual assault, calling them “entirely fabricated,” accusing the media outlets that reported them of backing Hillary Clinton and slamming the four accusers as “horrible, horrible liars.” In a nearly hour-long speech, with language fiery even by Trump standards,  the Republican spent over


On The Sunday Shows, Clinton’s Campaign Manager Doubled Down On Her “Deplorables” Insult, While Sanders Pushed Back On Her Denigrating Remarks Calling His Supporters Basement Dwellers  “Unless you’re one of her millionaire benefactors, in Hillary Clinton’s book you’re either deplorable or you’re a basement dweller. No one who has this much contempt for everyday Americans

Hillary to FBI: Yes, Colin Powell Warned Me, But I Used Private Email Scheme Anyway

Neil W. McCabe, Hillary R. Clinton, the Democratic nominee for president, told FBI agents and three DOJ employees, whose names the FBI redacted, that she received an email from former secretary of state Colin Powell warning her that, whether her email was sent on private or government email systems, it was still to be treated

Finally! Congress is moving to do something they should have done years ago

Thomas Madison, I received this message Saturday in an email from Colonel Harry Riley, organizer of Operation American Spring. I was asked to not publish it until this morning. Finally! This week the US House of Representatives will establish a “Select Committee on Alleged High Crimes and Misdemeanors within the Executive Branch and the Obama

Here’s What Ivana Trump Thinks About Donald Trump’s Campaign

Ivana Trump is speaking out about her ex-husband Donald Trump‘s campaign for the White House in a revealing new interview with the New York Post. Ivana, who was married to the 69-year-old from 1977 to 1992, and shares three of his five children, publicly – and privately – supports the GOP frontrunner, and helps advise

Who Is Donald Trump? ˜I’m a Much Nicer Person than People Would Think,’ #Trump2016

He’s volatile, savvy and, some say, scary. But who is the real Donald Trump? In a series of interviews with dozens of friends, foes, and the Republican presidential candidate himself, a PEOPLE special report examines the truth about the man behind the bluster. Sitting down for an interview with PEOPLE on a rare day off

3 More Conservative Websites to Favorite in 2014

As Well As Conservative Read, The Daily Signal  Why follow the Daily Signal? One name: Sharyl Attkisson. When the Heritage Foundation launched a news website in June, 2014, Attkisson was named “Senior Independent Contributor.” Honestly, we don’t know what other new and exciting things the Daily Signal will offer in the long run, but Attkisson

Top Attorney Drafts Impeachment Papers for Barack Obama

Many of us have been calling for the impeachment of President Obama for quite awhile now.  There are ample reasons for which he could be impeached, from his anti-gun agenda or Benghazi, to the undeclared wars, gun-running and drone strikes in Libya, Syria and Yemen. The House of Representatives are ready to impeach, and already

The Ten Commandments Of Liberalism

John Hawkins, 1) It doesn’t matter whether you’re yelling at someone who never knew you existed five minutes ago, lying about a conservative because you don’t agree with him or even throwing a brick through a strore window, you are always the poor, oppressed victim. 2) By default, liberals can’t be racist, sexist, or homophobic

15 Examples Of “Liberal Privilege”

John Hawkins,   Since liberals can’t find enough real examples of racism to whine over, they’ve taken drastic steps to invent imaginary bigotry. One of the ways they’ve done this, especially on college campuses, is by embracing the concept of “privilege.” The general idea is that as a straight, white heterosexual male, you have all sorts