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Common Hypocrisy: Hip-Hop Artist and At Planned Parenthood Fundraiser

Ryan Bomberger, Contradiction is common among liberal black celebrities. In fact, hip-hop artist and actor, Common, revealed such confusion as he headlined a fundraiser for Planned Parenthood during the presidential inauguration last week. I love some of the work he does through his Common Ground Foundation for kids in urban Chicago, but the multi-millionaire #BlackLivesMatter

The Price of Political Correctness, President Trump #MAGA

Tom Tradup, Adrenaline is pumping through the veins of officials in Washington this week as Donald J. Trump (arguably the greatest showman ever elected) prepares to begin his first term as our 45th President.   At the same time, sadly, we just learned that the curtain is going down—for the final time—on “The Greatest Show On Earth.”

Religious Liberty at Risk: California Judge Bans Jewish Ritual

Pardes Seleh, For as long as I can remember, the day before Yom Kippur involved the Jewish practice of Kapparot, a sacrificial form of atoning for one’s sins. Here’s how Kapparot typically done: you buy a chicken for yourself- male or female depending on your identifiable gender- and the day before Yom Kippur, have it

Hey, Anti-Hunters: Don’t Read The Bible Because It’s Pro-Hunting

Doug Giles For those who’ve read my screeds via or via my own website,, you know that I’m an unapologetic cheerleader for hunting. It’s not the only thing I write about, but OMG when I do, boy … do I gush like a schoolgirl. However, not everyone is cool with hunting like the