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Ann Coulter: Key To Trump’s Victory, Math

With the California primary fast approaching, the media are rolling out their favorite fairy tale about how Republican Pete Wilson’s support for Proposition 187 in 1994 was a historic, game-changing error for the GOP, driving Hispanics from the party for good! Both CNN and MSNBC retold this completely bogus narrative this week. NPR rolls it

Trump agrees with Heidi Cruz: Ted is an immigrant … from Canada

Anna Giaritelli, Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump agreed with Ted Cruz’s wife Heidi on Sunday that the Texas senator is an immigrant. But, Trump explained, that was due to Cruz’s Canadian birth, not his parents’ escape from Cuba before he was born. “She said ‘my husband’s an immigrant’ and that’s what I’ve been been saying

Facing long odds in California, Cruz courts state’s Republicans

U.S. presidential candidate Ted Cruz made a plea to the California Republican Party on Saturday to line up behind him in the state’s June primary in his uphill battle to stop front-runner Donald Trump from grabbing the nomination. At the same party convention that was the backdrop for chaotic protests against Trump on Friday, Cruz