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Peter Shilton’s Best 5 Moments

Peter Shilton is one of the most reputable names in English football and one of the world’s greatest ever goalkeepers. Renowned for his stand out positioning, he now excels in his stand out after dinner speeches with his Peter Shilton booking agent. An all-round legend and king of his domain with over a thousand professional

CNN’s Peter Bergen Says Those on the Right More Deadly than Jihadists

Gary DeMar,  Peter Bergen is CNN’s national security analyst, a director at the New America Foundation. The New American Foundation is funded by George Soros. Bergen also uses as one of his sources the mega-fundraising radical leftist organization the Southern Poverty Law Center. These associations in and of themselves do not mean that everything the

Former Marine Brandon Raub Is Locked In A Psych Ward Over His 9/11 Facebook Posts


Here’s more about what he said on his Facebook page. I really don’t see what he said that was so bad. Business Insider The former Marine who was detained by the federal government over Facebook posts critical of the government is being held in a psychiatric ward, Peter Bacqué of the Richmond Times-Dispatch reports.  “I’m