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Twitter Parodies, Politicians and Police Raids

 For as long as there has been Twitter, there have been parody accounts. From Representative Paul Ryan to Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel to the pope, public figures often find themselves the subject of these impersonations. Most have come to accept them as an annoying but inevitable side effect of life in the public eye. And […] Read More →

Ferguson police begin using body cameras

 FERGUSON • Police officers here began wearing body cameras on Saturday as marchers took to the streets in the most recent protest of a shooting three weeks earlier by a city officer that left an unarmed teenager dead. Ferguson Police Chief Tom Jackson said his department was given about 50 body cameras by two companies, […] Read More →

The New Black Male Can Be Conservative

John Ransom  Last week I wrote about my sympathies with the black community, especially the black male community, that has been and remains under siege in an America. Both political parties seem destined to misunderstand the historic wrongs committed in the African American community – especially those wrongs done to the black male. On the […] Read More →

Drug Test Doctors? No, Drug Test Obama and Congress

Politicians should surrender their Fourth Amendment ahead of citizens The tyrannical spirit of Obamacare and ever increasing government encroachment upon individual rights continues unabated.  The latest outrage is about to happen in California. The state – with the backing of Democrats and other supporters of government coercion – wants to force doctors to pee in […] Read More →

More than 50 Israeli reservists refuse to serve

WASHINGTON: More than 50 former Israeli soldiers have refused to serve in the nation’s reserve force, citing regret over their part in a military they said plays a central role in oppressing Palestinians, the Washington Post reported on Wednesday. “We found that troops who operate in the occupied territories aren’t the only ones enforcing the […] Read More →

Turning College Into a No-Thought Zone

 Last September, Vincenzo Sinapi-Riddle, a student at Citrus Community College near Los Angeles, was collecting signatures on a petition asking the student government to condemn spying by the National Security Agency. He left the school’s designated “free speech area” to go to the student center. On his way there, he saw a likely prospect to […] Read More →

300,000 gun owners face jail time

 The scene below isn’t from a foreign country.  It’s happening right here in America. Law-abiding gun owners in Connecticut were recently forced to line up and register their firearms with the state government by January 1 of this year.  Now, citizens who either missed the deadline, or simply refused to submit to the blatantly unconstitutional law, […] Read More →

Petition to Arrest Obama for “Aiding and Abetting the Enemy” is Exploding

 When President Obama unilaterally released five Taliban prisoners from Gitmo in exchange for the return of US soldier Bowe Bergdahl, he violated several federal statutes that carry stiff criminal penalties. Obama violated the law by providing “material support” to a known terrorist organization and “aiding and abetting” the enemy.  This was done by releasing personnel […] Read More →

Veterans, PTSD and US Government Abandonment

Chuck Norris  Combat veteran Kryn Miner, 44, served 11 deployments in seven years. He suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder and a traumatic brain injury after a bomb blast in Afghanistan in 2010 threw him into a wall. It was one of 19 blasts he endured over two decades of service to his country. On April […] Read More →

Chipotle: Don’t bring guns in our stores

 Chipotle is asking customers not to bring firearms into its stores after it says gun rights advocates brought military-style assault rifles into one of its restaurants in Texas. The Denver-based company notes that it has traditionally complied with local laws regarding open and concealed firearms. But in a statement Monday, the company said that “the […] Read More →