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States Are Cracking Down on the Biggest Protests Since ’60s

Republicans in statehouses across the U.S. are devising legal tools to regulate public dissent as demonstrators take to the streets to protest President Donald Trump in waves not seen since the Vietnam War. At least 10 bills to limit protests have been introduced in recent months. North Dakota is considering protection for motorists who unintentionally kill

For Obama, Leftist Rhetoric Is Always Innocent and Conservatives Are Always Guilty

Ben Shapiro, When it comes to the linkage between violence and rhetoric, I abide by a fairly simple rule: If you’re not advocating violence, you’re not responsible for violence. That doesn’t mean your rhetoric is decent or appropriate; it may be vile, awful and factually incorrect. But it isn’t the cause for violence. President Barack

Hey, Black Lives Matter, stop terrorizing our cities

Todd Starnes,  Black Lives Matter protesters laid siege to a number of cities over the weekend including my hometown: Memphis, Tennessee. They shut down the Interstate 40 bridge over the Mississippi River — stranding thousands of motorists for hours — in sweltering heat. Blocking a roadway is a crime under Tennessee law. Yet Memphis police

Were Alton Sterling and Philando Castile really innocent victims of racist cops?

Matthew Vadum, How the Left Lies When Blacks Are Shot By Police. In order to reinforce the false narrative that blacks are systematically discriminated against in America, the Left and its accomplices in the mainstream media spent much of last week lying over and over again about two black men shot to death by police

Are the media’s angry voices finally being drowned out?

Howard Kurtz,  For once, calmer voices in the media seem to be prevailing. The angry and polarizing voices are still there, to be sure. But they are not as overpowering. In the wake of the awful fatal police shootings in Louisiana and Minnesota and the cold-blooded massacre of police officers in Dallas, a realization is

Minnesota police pelted with rocks, Molotov cocktails as protests lead to riots; 102 arrested

More than 100 people were arrested and 21 police officers injured in Minnesota Saturday night when protests over recent police killings of black men morphed into rioting. St. Paul Mayor Chris Coleman detailed at a Sunday press conference what he called an “extreme incident” Saturday night that led to 102 arrests after protesters pelted police

Thousands take to U.S. streets to protest police violence

Thousands took to the streets of U.S. cities on Friday to denounce the fatal shooting by police of two black men this week, marching the day after a gunman killed five police officers watching over a similar demonstration in Dallas. Protesters clogged roadways in New York City, Atlanta and Philadelphia, and events in San Francisco

U.S. Army reservist in Dallas police ambush aimed to ‘kill white people’

A black U.S. Army reservist who served in the Afghan war and said he wanted to “kill white people” took part in an attack in which five police officers were shot dead at a protest decrying police shootings of black men, officials said on Friday. Seven other police officers and two civilians were wounded in