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Hillary Clinton: Mike Flynn Targeted Over Exposing ‘PizzaGate’

Adan Salazar, Flynn suffering ‘real consequences of fake news,’ says Democrat presidential candidate. General Mike Flynn’s resignation as President Trump’s national security adviser was due to the “pizzagate” pedophile conspiracy, Democrat presidential loser Hillary Clinton said Monday night. Following news of Flynn’s resignation, Clinton took to Twitter to support comments made by her former State

How Wikileaks and ObamaCare hikes are shaking up the race

Howard Kurtz,  This roller-coaster campaign has a couple of twists and turns left, and that’s not good news for the woman who many in the media are ready to inaugurate. The reasons: –The spike in ObamaCare premiums and dwindling insurance options gives Donald Trump a much-needed issue against Hillary Clinton, a longtime champion of universal

Hillary’s Mental ability is Deteriorating, She shows emotional instability and memory loss

Ezra Dulis, Hillary Clinton’s top campaign officials regularly discuss and assess the Democratic presidential candidate’s mental well-being, according to several conversations seen in Wikileaks’ release of campaign chairman John Podesta’s purported email accounts. Monday’s new batch of emails revealed a new thread, flagged by The American Mirror, showing that Clinton’s state of mind worried Podesta

WikiLeaks Releases Clinton Ally’s Alleged E-Mail Knocking MoveOn

WikiLeaks posted almost 1,200 more e-mails Tuesday that it said were hacked from the personal account of Hillary Clinton’s campaign chairman, including one showing a Clinton ally seeking to enlist supporters to squelch dissent from a leading liberal group. In a 2014 e-mail, longtime Clinton aide Philippe Reines is seen reacting to a news report that