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Charles C. Foster, Ted Cruz’s Pro-Amnesty Money Man

Diana West, Charles C. Foster is a pro-mass-immigration, pro-executive amnesty Houston superlawyer.  He supports the import of Syrian refugees into the state of Texas, as he explained in this 2015  op-ed in the Houston Chronicle. He supports Obama’s executive amnesty, as he wrote in a 2014 op-ed in the Houston Chronicle. He supports the HIB visa program, arguing in

Big Pharma profiteering gone wild: $1,000-a-pill Hepatitis drug in USA. Sells for less than $10 in Egypt

Natural News – by Mike Adams The financial raping of America by Big Pharma has just achieved a new milestone with the impending launch of a Hepatitis C drug that costs $1,000 a pill. If you’ve ever wondered why U.S. health care is so unaffordable and inaccessible — and why health insurance costs are bankrupting

Morning-after pill may not work in heavier women

The European Medicines Agency says it has started a review of emergency contraceptives to see if they work less well in heavier women. In November, French drug maker HRA Pharma announced its morning-after pill Norlevo was less effective in women weighing more than 75 kilograms (165 pounds) and that it didn’t work for women more