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The media doesn’t call the shots — Trump does

Michael Goodwin, The media smart set fixates on creating a narrative that explains the big picture of events and offers gripping examples. In that spirit, then, here’s a narrative to help them understand President Trump’s recent burst of activity: He’s serving notice that he, and not the media, sets the nation’s agenda. And that when

Parents of People Killed by Muslim Hit Trump for Calling Murders Terrorism

Robert Spencer, Sure, he was screaming “Allahu akbar,” but who doesn’t? The Trump administration recently released a list of terror attacks it said were unreported or underreported by the establishment media, and the parents of two of the victims of one of the listed attacks were enraged. Last August a Muslim named Smail Ayad, screaming

Dreaming Up a New America: Progressive Education and the Perversion of American Democracy

As opposed to the 2008 election, which had many frustrated and emotionally charged voters dreaming up a new America with a historic presidential candidate leading the charge, the 2010 midterms had people doing the exact opposite. In 2010, a majority of Americans stopped dreaming and started to face reality. America was accelerating toward an irreversible

Fascists Hated Free Markets And Traditional Values

In a promotional video for Young America’s Foundation’s new film, The Conservatives(which students can order for free here), Jonah Goldberg outlines the pillars of conservatism, while pointing out that these pillars were hated by fascists. Talking about fascism might seem dramatic, but at YAF, students tellĀ  us this is one of the insults they