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Sharp division along political lines on Trump’s travel ban

A majority of voters thinks President Trump’s executive order on immigration is better described as a restriction on terrorist hot spots than as a “Muslim ban.”  And more think the action makes the U.S. safer than say it makes the country less safe.   Even so, more disapprove (52 percent) than approve (46 percent) of

Ben Carson on the Trump-hating press: Americans must see through the manipulation

Jennifer Harper, THE ANTI-TRUMP AVALANCHE Coverage of sexual assault allegations against GOP nominee Donald Trump is a classic media frenzy. Despite this, at least three significant polls have emerged with the GOP nominee in the lead. Meanwhile, Mr. Trump has defenders ready to push back at the mainstream press, including Rudolph Giuliani, Jerry Falwell, Jr.

Poll: Clinton edges Trump by two points one month ahead of election

Hillary Clinton is ahead of Donald Trump by 44-42 percent in a new national Fox News Poll.  That’s a two-point edge among likely voters for Clinton.  She was up by three points last week (43-40 percent) and by one point in mid-September (41-40 percent).   Third party candidates Gary Johnson (6 percent) and Jill Stein

Trump tops Clinton in the battleground states of Nevada, North Carolina and Ohio

Donald Trump narrowly leads Hillary Clinton in the battleground states of Nevada, North Carolina, and Ohio.   That’s according to Fox News statewide likely voter polls conducted Sunday through Tuesday evenings.   Trump is helped by strong support from working-class white voters, while Clinton is hurt by a lackluster performance among younger voters and women.

Poll: Clinton and Trump in a one-point race among likely voters

The presidential race is tight.  Hillary Clinton tops Donald Trump by just one point among likely voters in the four-way ballot.  In the head-to-head matchup, Trump’s up by one point.   Clinton receives 41 percent to Trump’s 40 percent, according to a new Fox News Poll, with Libertarian Gary Johnson at 8 percent and Green

Patriot Missile: Is Donald Trump on a Mission to Save America?

Dan Lyman, From February 24 2016 I’m going rogue for this piece. I want to talk about some things that will undoubtedly ruffle at least a few readers’ feathers and probably vex the ‘anyone but Trump’ crowd. To borrow from the hashtag-lingo calling card of the courageous and fearlessly honest Steven Crowder, “#SorryNotSorry.” We are

Record number of Latinos eligible to vote; how many show up is another question

Speaking to a group of Latino voters earlier this month in Oregon on behalf of Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, former Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa put presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump’s rise to head of the GOP and his anti-immigrant rhetoric in stark terms. “Trump speaks this way because he can,” he said,