‘A WAKE-UP CALL’: Sanders puts pressure on Clinton in latest Iowa poll

Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders is continuing to gain on Hillary Clinton in Iowa, and is now within 7 points of the frontrunner in the Democratic presidential race, according to a newly released poll. Clinton remains the first choice of 37 percent of likely Democratic caucus-goers, while sanders is the pick for 30 percent, according to… [Read More]

Stunning Iowa Caucus Poll – Trump Leads, Carson 2nd – Bernie Sanders Closes In On Hillary… (Full Poll pdf Included)

sundance, A stunning new Iowa caucus poll holds some very interesting information.  Bernie Sanders (30%) has closed in on Hillary (37%).  Donald Trump leads republicans with 23%, Carson comes in 2nd with 18%, and Jeb Bush drops to 6%. Additionally interesting, is the increasingly obvious lack of interest in any of the GOPe splitter group… [Read More]

Donald Makes History: New Poll Shows Trump Doing Something That No Other GOP Candidate Has Done

 Donald Trump’s post-debate bump might have been more pronounced and sustainable than some of his critics predicted. According to a new Gravis Marketing poll, the businessman-turned-politico has topped 40 percent – the first time in the primary any candidate has hit that mark. Prior to the first GOP debate earlier this month, Trump led the crowded… [Read More]

Clinton compares GOP candidates’ views to those of terrorists, RNC wants apology

The Republican Party called on Hillary Clinton to apologize Thursday after she compared GOP candidates to terrorists during an Ohio campaign stop.  Speaking in Cleveland, the Democratic presidential front-runner hammered Republican presidential candidates for their views on abortion and other women’s issues.  “Now, extreme views about women, we expect that from some of the terrorist… [Read More]

Poll: Almost Half Of Likely Voters Want Clinton To Suspend Campaign

Matt Vespa,  With Hillary being saddled with questions about her private email server, abysmal favorables, and low marks on trustworthiness/honesty, almost half of likely voters in the country want her to suspend her campaign, according to a new Rasmussen poll.  After all, the Democratic frontrunner is under an FBI investigation. Surpassingly, almost a quarter of Democrats… [Read More]

How Trump plans to turn gawkers into hardcore supporters

Thousands of people are expected to stream into an events center here on the banks of the Mississippi River on Tuesday to see Donald Trump. When they do, his presidential campaign will be waiting, looking to convert casual gawkers into hardcore supporters who will cast votes for the billionaire presidential candidate in the Iowa caucuses next year. The… [Read More]

Strange bedfellows: Donald Trump and the white working class

 Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump clearly prides himself in shunning focus-group research. He refuses big campaign donations that he asserts make his opponents beholden to special interests. He seems to target no specific constituency. Many pollsters remain puzzled by Trump’s political appeal. “Republican support for Donald Trump just continues to grow,” said Patrick Murray, director… [Read More]

Trump holds large rally in Alabama, touts tough immigration stance

Barack Obama‘s executive orders on immigration. The billionaire businessman began his campaign in June by saying Mexico is sending its criminals and rapists to the United States. The comment sparked outrage from Hispanic civil rights groups and others. Trump widened his lead over his closest rivals in the past week, a Reuters/Ipsos poll showed on… [Read More]

Trump widens lead over U.S. Republican presidential field, News Poll

Republican Donald Trump is pulling away from the pack in the race for the party’s U.S. presidential nomination, widening his lead over his closest rivals in the past week, a Reuters/Ipsos poll showed on Friday. Republican voters show no signs they are growing weary of the brash real estate mogul, who has dominated political headlines… [Read More]

Newt Gingrich: Why 75%: Is The Most Important Number in American Politics

This past weekend political shows once again tried to come to grips with the rise of Sanders, Trump, Carson, Fiorina, and Cruz. The consensus among several commentators was that there is often a flurry of interest in political outsiders during the summer but eventually voters become serious and begin to seek more traditional presidential candidates…. [Read More]

Trump Just Got Stunning News That Will Make Hillary’s Head Spin

Pundits, pollsters and politicians said it could never happen — Donald Trump could never sustain the excitement, maintain his momentum, and become a serious candidate for President of the United States. Okay, they conceded, even if the flamboyant billionaire could win over enough Republicans to be a real contender in the primaries, he wouldn’t have… [Read More]