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Battleground Poll: Obama Disapproval Climbs to 57 Percent

Guy Benson  Politico’s latest public opinion survey of competitive 2014 states and districts is reminiscent of NPR’s similarly-designed poll released a month ago. President Obama’s job approval rating is underwater by double digits (43/57), while the GOP owns a two-point edge on the generic Congressional ballot (which typically favors Democrats), and a seven-point lead on […] Continue reading →

Libertarianism and the Proper Meaning of Patriotism

Daniel J. Mitchell  Since we’re enjoying a long holiday weekend to celebrate the 4th of July, let’s take a moment to ponder patriotism. I’ve always been inspired (in more ways than one) by this t-shirt. My patriotism is for American principles, not the federal government. Indeed, I’m very proud that a Clinton Administration official once […] Continue reading →

Despite Academia’s Best Efforts, Reagan Tops in Poll of Modern Presidents

Matt Towery  In past columns, I’ve mentioned some teachers and professors that I’ve known who bluntly said that Ronald Reagan was the nation’s worst president. It has become rather common in academia to describe the Reagan years as being filled with greed, and later, with deception in the Iran-Contra matter. Ronald Reagan’s “trickle down” economic […] Continue reading →

Jackie Gingrich Cushman: Responsibility and Freedom

 We declared our independence from Great Britain 238 years ago this week. It was a declaration long in coming, brought about by the overreaching rule of King George III and Britain’s insistence on taxation without representation. The taxation began in the 1760s, the Boston Massacre occurred in 1770, the Boston Tea Party in 1993 and […] Continue reading →

The government decides that ‘Redskins’ bothers you

George Will  Amanda Blackhorse, a Navajo who successfully moved a federal agency to withdraw trademark protections from the Washington Redskins because it considers the team’s name derogatory, lives on a reservation where Navajos root for the Red Mesa High School Redskins. She opposes this name; the Native Americans who picked and retain it evidently do not. The U.S. […] Continue reading →

Obama Hits Record Lows On Foreign Policy Approval

 Support for a Rand Paul-like non-interventionist stance now at a half-century high Fresh surveys released today indicate that most Americans have finally realised that the Obama Administration’s foreign policy really doesn’t differ all that much from that of the interventionist Neocons that proceeded it. A New York Times/CBS News poll finds that 52 percent of […] Continue reading →

Are the Two Political Parties About to Crack Up?

Michael Barone America’s two political parties seem to be coming apart.  That’s in contrast to the relatively stable competition of the last 20 years, when Democrats have won four of six presidential elections and Republicans won House majorities in eight of 10 congressional contests, always by less than landslide margins. The parties’ stands on issues […] Continue reading →

Israeli parliament set to vote for new president

 A nasty race to succeed Shimon Peres as Israel’s head of state is finally coming to an end, with five candidates facing off in parliament this week to become the country’s next president. Israeli lawmakers in the 120-member Knesset are to elect a president to replace Peres in a secret ballot on Tuesday. Officially, the […] Continue reading →