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Wanted: An American Truth Commission

Diana West, Probably more than anything else, “Drain the swamp” was the slogan of the Deplorables in the final days of the 2016 presidential campaign. Candidate Trump introduced the phrase to describe his ethics program in mid-October, but it quickly came to sum up, part battle-cry, part prayer, the anti-Establishment fervor that would carry him

Thank you, Bill Clinton for endorsing Donald Trump

Wayne Allyn Root,  This year James Carville could sum up the key to the 2016 election by saying, “It’s ObamaCare, stupid.” Donald Trump wants to repeal ObamaCare. Hillary wants to expand it. The choice doesn’t get any clearer than that. Knowing this, it’s pretty clear that anyone who supports ObamaCare, supports Hillary. Anyone who despises

Latest attack on POW/MIA religious symbol is cruel

Mike Berry, During this presidential primary season, many candidates have proclaimed their intent to fix our ailing Department of Veterans Affairs. A good place to start is allowing it to honor and remember our nation’s Prisoners of War/Missing in Action (POW/MIA).   Since the Vietnam War, the military has maintained the sacred tradition of setting

Liberals’ Bogus Lashback against the Bergdahl Backlash

Shawn Mitchell Obama’s professional protectors in the media are displeased with questions from skeptical Americans. The Rose Garden photo op and embellished story of the president bringing home a captured warrior unraveled in roughly 2.5 seconds. Turns out, it was at best a dubious deal, at worst a treasonous sell-out, returning five of the deadliest