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Obama, Clinton and Fertilizing a Nuclear North Korea

Matthew Vadum, How leftist fantasies and appeasement put America in nuclear jeopardy. After Barack Obama’s eight long years of gutting America’s missile-defense capabilities, our nation has awakened to the nightmare of a North Korea armed with nuclear missiles capable of reaching U.S. territory. Fortunately, Donald Trump, who, unlike his predecessor, takes his responsibility to defend

Nancy Pelosi Contorts Herself Into A Pretzel

Aaron Bandler, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) tied herself in knots this week trying to explain how the meeting between former Attorney General Loretta Lynch and President Bill Clinton was different from Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ previous meetings with the Russian ambassador. Pelosi was asked by a reporter on Thursday if she was being consistent in her call for

Eric Holder: Sessions May Pleasantly Surprise Us

Cortney O’Brien, Former Attorney General Eric Holder, who now works for the Covington & Burling Law Firm, said Americans should give the new AG Jeff Sessions a chance. The Obama appointee, addressing a group of students and faculty at the University at Buffalo on Thursday, said we may even be pleasantly surprised by Sessions, who, it’s worth noting, voted for

Clinton Global Initiative to lay off employees, shut down amid dwindling donations

The Clintons are moving ahead with plans to downsize their controversial foundation’s network of offshoots, a decision carried out as the powerful family’s political influence wanes and its once-lengthy donor list shrinks. In a decision announced last week, 22 additional employees are being laid off from the Clinton Global Initiative – known for its annual

Former President Barack Hussein Obama is Proud of his Legacy of Failures and Scandals

Oversight Chairman Reissues Fast and Furious Subpoena to Loretta Lynch Oversight Committee Chairman Jason Chaffetz has reissued a subpoena to Attorney General Loretta Lynch regarding the Obama Justice Department’s deadly Fast and Furious scandal.  The subpoena, originally issued to former Attorney General Eric Holder and ignored, seeks documents and information surrounding the December 2010 murder

Lynch says tarmac meeting with Bill Clinton was ‘regrettable’

Attorney General Loretta Lynch on Sunday said she “regretted” her controversial tarmac meeting with former President Bill Clinton this summer while the FBI was still investigating Hillary Clinton’s use of a secret server for her emails during her tenure as secretary of state. While Lynch has never portrayed the June 27 Phoenix meeting as anything

WikiLeaks: Podesta said Clinton aide Cheryl Mills didn’t Want Hillary to run

Longtime Hillary Clinton aide Cheryl Mills didn’t want her boss to run for president – something campaign chairman John Podesta believed was because Mills approved Clinton’s use of a secret email server, according to a message released Sunday by WikiLeaks. The exchange between Podesta and Center for American Progress head Neera Tanden on July 24,

Hillary is Facing Serious Indictments, Have We the People had Enough?

Michael Barone, In my Nov. 1 column, I looked at the presidential election through the lens of the old children’s radio show “Let’s Pretend” — examining how things would look if it turned out that Donald Trump ends up winning. That would have required lots of pretending until recently. Two weeks ago, Hillary Clinton led