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Arkansas lawmaker wants airport named after the Clintons renamed

A state senator in Arkansas filed a bill Thursday calling for the renaming of an airport named after the Clintons.  “You have a president who was impeached for having an affair with an intern in the Oval Office and then disbarred,” the bill’s author, Sen. Jason Rapert, told Reuters. President Clinton was impeached by the

Nancy Pelosi: We Democrats Are Happy Losing That’s Why I’m Still Minority Leader

streiff,  Nancy Pelosi has been accused of many things, viciousness, spitefulness, lack of integrity, strategic myopia, etc., but she has never ever been accused of being smart. The reason for that was on display today on Face the Nation when she was asked a pointed question by John Dickerson: TRANSCRIPT DICKERSON: The Democratic Party is

Time for Loretta Lynch to appoint a Special Counsel to #IndictHillary

Rudy Giuliani,  We are concerned about the egregious damage that has been inflicted on two revered government agencies: the Department of Justice and Department of State.  The primary missions of both have been derailed for political purposes. The Department of Justice has been thwarted by its top officials’ refusal to conduct a proper investigation of

If Hillary wins, we’ll have a blackmail target in the White House

John Fund, “This is just a distraction,” Democratic pollster Mark Mellman says of the news the FBI is reexamining the Clinton email case. During a press conference — which lasted all of three minutes — Hillary Clinton herself said, “I think people a long time ago made up their minds about the emails. I think


DANNEY WILLIAMS, ABANDONED SON OF PRESIDENT BILL CLINTON, ASKS FOR DNA SAMPLE FROM EX-PREZ – CALLS 1999 DNA TEST INCONCLUSIVE, CALLS 1999 DNA TEST INCONCLUSIVE, SEEKS NEW TEST. My name is Danney Lee Williams. I have many compelling reasons to believe that I am the biological son of former President William Jefferson Clinton—also known as Bill

Danney Lee Williams: Bill Clinton ‘Son’ Tells Hillary: Step Aside

Danney Williams | Infowars, Danney wanted to meet his dad, but Hillary ran him off like a dog. My name is Danney Lee Williams. I have many compelling reasons to believe that I am the biological son of former President William Jefferson Clinton — also known as Bill Clinton. I am simply seeking the truth,

Feinstein in 1999: Bill Clinton ‘Gave False or Misleading Testimony’

Terry Jeffrey,  Seventeen years ago, as a Republican-controlled Senate concluded its impeachment trial of President Bill Clinton, Sen. Dianne Feinstein, D-Calif., expressed her concerns about how future generations would perceive what had happened. Feinstein — along with every other Senate Democrat and five Republicans — voted on Feb. 12, 1999 that Clinton was “not guilty”

Mr. Trump, Sec. Clinton, how will you fix Obamacare? #Debate

Washington Examiner, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump square off tonight in their second debate. A glaring omission from the first presidential clash was any question about how the two major-party nominees would handle the unfolding disaster that is Obamacare. They need to be asked, because the disaster is real, and one of them will have

Sunday’s Debate, What Clinton and Trump Need to Prove On the Economy

Ian Salisbury,  Both candidates need to make a better case to voters. With many Americans still struggling to make ends meet, the economy is likely to take center stage yet again, when presidential candidates Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump meet for their second debate this Sunday. While Clinton was largely regarded as the winner at

Victor Davis Hanson: The Next President Unbound

Donald Trump’s supporters see a potential Hillary Clinton victory in November as the end of any conservative chance to restore small government, constitutional protections, fiscal sanity and personal liberty. Clinton’s progressives swear that a Trump victory would spell the implosion of America as they know it, alleging Trump parallels with every dictator from Josef Stalin

Secret Report Released: Clinton Foundation to Become Cabinet Department

Bruce Bialosky, In a breaking story, Julian Assange released secret emails that disclose if Hillary Clinton becomes president, she plans to propose that the Clinton Foundation become the 16th cabinet department of the U.S. government.   The report details how the Clintons will propose that the work of the Clinton Foundation has become vital to

The Terrorism Blame Game

Bill Murchison, It’s hard to know what’s funny these days. It’s possible that nothing is and nothing will be funny until we are safely through the election season — maybe not even then. Hillary Clinton, who puts herself forth as prospective commander in chief, blames her Republican opponent for the slasher attack on mall shoppers