Trump Shuts Down Gun Grabbers Who Want More Gun Control After Va. Shooting

It didn’t take long for the gun control lobbyists, including the White House, to call for more gun control after two journalists were shot and killed on live TV Wednesday in Roanoke, Virginia. “It breaks my heart every time you read about or hear about these kinds of incidents,” President Obama said. “What we know […]

Pentagon Investigating Centcom for Allegedly Hiding Expansion of ISIS

Mikael Thalen, Whistleblower accuses military officials of altering ISIS intelligence reports. Officials at United States Central Command are being investigated by the Pentagon’s inspector general for allegedly downplaying the expansion of ISIS by altering intelligence reports. According to the New York Times, a whistleblower within the Defense Intelligence Agency told Pentagon officials he had obtained […]

Obama Could Endorse In Primary Between Clinton, Biden

The White House did nothing to tamp down speculation that Vice President Biden might mount a presidential bid in 2016. White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest heaped praise on the vice president and even said President Obama could endorse — even in a race between Biden and his former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. “I […]

Rubio says US competitiveness on the wane, at annual Americans for Prosperity summit

COLUMBUS, Ohio –  Republican presidential candidate and Florida Sen. Marco Rubio on Saturday told thousands of conservative activists that the United States‘ economic growth is lagging because other countries are doing better at what the U.S. set in motion but has abandoned. The first-term senator made his comments at the annual summit of Americans for […]

Biden makes unscheduled trip to huddle with Warren, adding to 2016 speculation

Speculation about a White House bid for Vice President Biden intensified Saturday when he made an unscheduled weekend trip from his Delaware home to his Washington residence, reportedly to see Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren. Democrats in past months have called for the Massachusetts senator to seek the party nomination, convinced that her progressive, Wall Street-reformer […]

Wow! The Extraordinary Moral Hypocrisy of President Obama

Michael Brown,  When I saw the headline, my first thought was, “Could it be? Is President Barack Obama told a group of young African leaders on Monday that harvesting organs from humans [specifically, albinos] that are killed as part of an African ritual was ‘craziness’ and a ‘cruel’ tradition that needed to stop. He warned […]

Body Parts Scandal “Infuriates” President Obama!

Ken Blackwell,  Finally, our distinguished president, our Nobel Peace Prize Laureate has spoken out about the infamous scandal of body parts being trafficked. “It is infuriating and I have no patience for it,” President Obama said in a strong show of righteous indignation. But wait, that was in response to a question about the killing […]

Obama to head out on vacation as planned, not bother wooing Dems on Iran deal

Mary Katharine Ham, He knows they’ll give it up no matter how little respect he shows them, I suppose. Still, this is yet another instance where it strikes me we’re told again and again how this is a top-tip-toppiest of priorities for the president and he would rather die than watch it fail because he […]

WH Totally Supports What Planned Parenthood Is Doing, Notes Its ‘High Ethical Standard’

Leah Barkoukis,   While the recent videos exposing Planned Parenthood’s barbaric practice of selling and negotiating the price of aborted babies’ body parts—and the organs of those born alive—has convinced some Democrats that enough is enough when it comes to taxpayer funding for the abortion giant, others are remaining steadfast in their support for the group. […]

Donald Trump’s Greatest Hits

Cliff Kincaid,  Donald Trump has gotten popular, in part, by challenging the media. But he has praised journalists on occasion. His 2011 book, Time to Get Tough, said David Gregory was “doing a fine job filling some awfully big shoes over at Meet the Press.” It was a reference to legendary and highly respected host […]

One Major Accomplishment Obama Touted Right Before His Reelection Just Got Blown To Bits

Jack Davis, President Obama’s economic recovery has now been proven to be worse than anyone thought. New figures provided by the Bureau of Economic Analysis show that economic growth in almost every quarter since 2012 was weaker than previously calculated. The result is that Gross Domestic Product growth from 2012 to 2014 was only 2%, not […]