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College Isn’t For Everyone

Kevin Glass, Editors’ note: this piece appears in the March issue of Townhall Magazine.  In his first address to Congress after being sworn in as President of the United States, President Obama laid out an aggressive progressive agenda for increasing the number of Americans with college degrees over the next ten years. “We will provide […] Continue reading →

Thomas Sowell: How Foreign Is Our Policy?: Part II

 Japan recently turned over to the United States enough weapons-grade nuclear material to make dozens of nuclear bombs. This was one of President Barack Obama’s few foreign policy “successes,” as part of his nuclear disarmament initiative. But his foreign policy successes may be more dangerous than his “failures.” Back in 2005, Senator Barack Obama urged […] Continue reading →

Willie Robertson Wants to Take Obama Hunting

 After listening to the Laura Ingraham radio show earlier this week, perhaps President Obama better get his hunting gear ready. Willie Robertson of Duck Dynasty was a guest on the show and expressed interest in having President Obama for a visit to go hunting. Now that would be quite the sight! On the show, Willie […] Continue reading →

Ted Cruz: The Russians are ‘openly laughing’ at Obama

Charlie SpieringWashington Examiner  Sen. Ted Cruz believes that Russian President Vladimir Putin and Russian leaders no longer respect President Obama because of his failure to lead. “The only thing Putin respects is strength … At this point the Russians are openly laughing at the president,” Cruz, R-Texas, told the Washington Examiner. Cruz added that Putin’s […] Continue reading →

Socialism Isn’t Charity

John Nantz Isn’t a little bit of socialism a good thing? During the 2008 presidential campaign, President Obama was confronted by an average American, Samuel Joseph Wurzelbacher (aka “Joe the Plumber”), who posited a simple question, “Your tax plan is gonna tax me more isn’t it?” Obama responded flippantly, “I think when you spread the […] Continue reading →

House Republican leaders prepare an official ObamaCare alternative

The Washington Post heralds the arrival of the new Republican plan for a post ObamaCare-world: House Republican leaders are adopting an agreed-upon conservative approach to fixing the nation’s health-care system, in part to draw an election-year contrast with President Obama’s Affordable Care Act. The plan includes an expansion of high-risk insurance pools, promotion of health savings accounts […] Continue reading →

Obama stuns business leaders with new overtime rules

It was suddenly announced this week that President Obama would unilaterally change the definition of overtime pay, by raising the weekly pay threshold necessary to classify workers as “salaried” and thus exempt from mandatory overtime.  The number of people who must be paid overtime will increase by an estimated 10 million, delivering a staggering blow […] Continue reading →

Marco Rubio at CPAC 2014: The illegitimacy of tyranny

Senator Marco Rubio’s address to CPAC 2014 emphasized foreign policy, in light of the current drama in Ukraine. Rubio put the Russian action in Crimea in context alongside other grim events on the international stage, including China’s increasingly aggressive territorial claims in Asia; North Korea’s dogged efforts to create nuclear ICBMs that could reach the […] Continue reading →

John Bolton: Our Biggest National Security Crisis is Barack Obama

Speaking at the 2014 Conservative Political Action Conference Thursday morning, Ambassador John Bolton slammed President Obama’s foreign policy approach and what he called the Obama doctrine. “Our biggest national security crisis is Barack Obama,” Bolton said. Bolton touched on the ongoing crisis with Russia but classified the 9/11 terror attack in Benghazi as Barack Obama’s […] Continue reading →