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Walker v. Congress (on Act 10 Reforms)

Arthur Schaper,   In the last two months, Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker has gone from marginal to mainstream, failed to fascinating in the eyes of prospective voters, and inconsequential to intriguing to the ears and mouths of talking heads looking for another Republican Presidential contender to dissect then disintegrate. Critics are faulting him for his non-answers […] Continue reading →

Obama Tells Prosecutors They Have No Discretion On Immigration

Conn Carroll,   President Obama’s entire legal defense for his executive amnesty programs is that the executive branch must be afforded prosecutorial discretion when enforcing immigration laws. So it might be a problem for his legal defense team when Obama admitted Wednesday at a Telemundo townhall that immigration officials under his policy have no prosecutorial discretion. […] Continue reading →

Keystone Solution Runs Through Canada

Michael R. Bloomberg,  The Keystone XL pipeline has become a perfect symbol of Washington’s dysfunction. Democrats exaggerate its environmental impact while Republicans exaggerate its economic benefits. In the debate, each side talks past the other, because each cares more about gaining a political advantage than a policy achievement. Yet a path exists for President Barack […] Continue reading →

Thomas Sowell: Giuliani Versus Obama

 The firestorm of denunciation of former New York mayor Rudolph Giuliani, for having said that he did not think Barack Obama loved America, is in one sense out of all proportion to that remark — especially at a time when there are much bigger issues, including wars raging, terrorist atrocities and a nuclear Iran on […] Continue reading →

Europe “Isolates” Putin? Considers “Reframing” Energy Relations With Russia

Zero Hedge, Good luck with that ‘strategy’ change…  It appears President Obama’s “costs” imposed on Russia have boomerang’d just too much for Europe to take. As Reuters reports, The EU is seeking to create a single energy market, based on cross-border connections to improve security of supply and reduce dependence on Russia, which supplies roughly one […] Continue reading →

The President’s Paltry Patriotism

Nick Adams,  Few qualities are as important in a US President as a love of country. Seldom in American history, tumultuous as its pages may be, has the patriotism of a President been questioned. The Obama years, marked by a vigorous and consistent dispute about this very matter, stand in stark contrast. The latest incarnation […] Continue reading →

A Failure to Confront Evil

Erick Erickson,  The Western World and its elite have repeatedly tried to placate evil and not make eye contact with it. Neville Chamberlain sought peace in our time. Jimmy Carter sought detente with the Soviet Union. Now Barack Obama cannot even call the Islamic State by what it is — a potent form of Islam. […] Continue reading →

This Popular Congressman Just Called for Sending Chuck Norris to Fight ISIS Instead of Obama

 The Islamic State terror group has been marauding throughout the Middle East, raping and pillaging and slaughtering all who stand in the way of their lofty goal of reestablishing the once mighty Islamic Caliphate. In response to their savage brutality, President Barack Obama has tepidly launched a “phony war” air campaign that has done little […] Continue reading →

Obama’s Religious Hypocrisy

Kathryn Lopez,   “Lest we get on our high horse and think this is unique to some other place, remember that during the Crusades and the Inquisition, people committed terrible deeds in the name of Christ.” These words from the President of the United States, during remarks at the National Prayer Breakfast, have caused an uproar […] Continue reading →