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Three critical things everyone needs to know about Trump’s Syria airstrikes

Newt Gingrich, There are some fascinating parallels between President Trump’s decisive but low-key military response to the Syrian chemical attack and President Reagan’s equally decisive but low-key response to provocation by Libya in 1981. In both cases a conservative Republican had replaced a weak liberal Democrat. In both cases the liberal Democrat had talked a

When Teddy Met Yuri: Bork Smearer Kennedy sought Soviet help against Reagan

Lloyd Billingsley, The smear surge against President Trump’s Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch is certain to sweep in a tide of lies. That was the case thirty years ago in the 1987 hearing for Robert Bork, Supreme Court nominee of President Ronald Reagan. The smearer-in-chief was Senator Ted Kennedy, a Massachusetts Democrat and something of

What they really want is the continuation of Obama’s Christian refugee ban

Daniel Greenfield, “Kill Christians”: The Real Refugee Protest Agenda. The President of the United States announced that refugees fleeing persecution by a totalitarian regime would be deported. It did not matter that they had risked their lives to come here. They would be sent back. No leftist lawyers crammed airports. No protesters chanted at terminals.

The American Renewal Includes a Commitment to Liberty and Freedom of Speech #MAGA

Cliff May, Slowly and perhaps even surely, Donald Trump is pulling together a team he believes can help him achieve his goals. Which are what exactly? The most basic are given to him in Article II, Section One, Clause 8 of the U.S. Constitution. On Jan. 20, 2017, Mr. Trump will swear to “faithfully execute

President-elect Trump’s three greatest challenges

Newt Gingrich,  There are three fundamental challenges to any effort to transform Washington. I learned these principles from working with President Reagan on dramatic change in the 1980s and then leading the Contract with America with its deep changes (first GOP majority in 40 years, welfare reform, the only four balanced budgets in your lifetime,

Setting a Record, Obama Adds 527 Pages of New Regulations in One Day

Leah Barkoukis, President Obama’s time in office is coming to a end, but he’s not leaving before putting his regulatory footprint on nearly every aspect of American life. The Obama administration just put out 527 pages worth of new rules and regulations Thursday, making the total number of pages for 2016, 81,640. Since the working year

Trump Can Revive Reagan’s ‘Informed American Patriotism’

Robert Davi, If you’ll recall, right here on Breitbart on June 16 , 2015, I wrote my first article on Donald J. Trump, and at that moment laid out the case for why I knew he was the voice America was waiting for. I received much ridicule, even from friends. As the weeks progressed, I