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“The second presidential debate of the 2016 general-election campaign takes place on Sunday, Oct. 9, at Washington University in St. Louis.” “The debate starts at 9 p.m. ET and is set to run 90 minutes with no commercial interruptions. According to the Commission on Presidential Debates, the second match-up be a town-hall format. Half of the

Diagnosed with pneumonia, Clinton falls ill at 9/11 memorial #HillarysHealth

Hillary Clinton’s personal doctor on Sunday said she was suffering from pneumonia after the Democratic presidential candidate fell ill at a Sept. 11 memorial, in an episode that renewed focus on her health less than two months before the general election. Clinton was diagnosed on Friday, but her condition only came to light several hours

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U.S. intelligence analysts watching for indicators of Israeli military action recently reported that there are signs the Jewish state plans an attack against Iran in October. The Obama administration, meanwhile, is preparing to provide logistical support for a military strike but is pressing Israel to delay any action until the administration’s policy of sanctions have

Ann Romney, Energized

Ann Romney said on Wednesday that she felt welcomed and energized when she stepped onto the stage here at the Republican National Convention to introduce her husband, Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney, to millions of Americans watching on television.   The most important reviews of the speech came moments later from her five sons and

Scott Walker: Obama’s broken promises

The reviews of Rep. Paul Ryan’s acceptance speech for the Republican vice presidential nomination are in, and it’s being cited as a success. Is there any wonder that the Obama campaign staffers and surrogates are in full-blown damage control mode, screaming that Paul was unfair in some of his criticisms of President Barack Obama? You’ve

Obama campaign refuses to drop 'radical' rabbi Controversial figure dined with Ahmadinejad, called for boycott of Israel


NEW YORK – The Obama campaign is refusing to sever ties with a radical rabbi who has called for a boycott against Israeli products, has dined with Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and was the first American rabbi to visit Tehran. Reform Rabbi Lynn Gottlieb is one of 613 rabbis pledging their support for Obama as

War With Iran Appears More Imminent

There has been ongoing speculation on the possibility of an Israeli-U.S. strike on Iran for quite some time. Publicly, the Obama administration has indicated that while military action was not off the table, it was also not the first choice of the administration. President Obama had hoped Israel would delay an attack on Iran until