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Obama Would Rather Campaign For Hillary Than Solve Problems Facing The Country

SHOULDN’T HE BE AT WORK? Today President Obama Will Be Campaigning For Clinton In Pennsylvania. “President Barack Obama will hit the campaign trail Tuesday to rally support for Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton in Pennsylvania, a state that has served as a firewall for her party in the past six general elections but is now viewed

United States Budget Dilemma

ALARMING! Washington’s Dilemma!. Soaring debt and a budget Congress can’t balance. This VIDEO explains why. Every person in the United States should watch this video! Before Washington will fix the problem, Americans must understand the problem. This video will help you understand.

Walmart to start selling unlabeled insecticide-laced GMO corn from Monsanto


America’s largest bio-agriculture company and the biggest retailer in the country are joining forces, but a happy ending isn’t necessarily in sight. Walmart will soon be stocking their shelves with GMO corn made by Monsanto. Millions of Americans shop at Walmart, but that doesn’t mean that they all know what they’re getting as they check

Containing contagion: Russia’s aging chemical stockpiles getting dangerous


Russia’s chemical weapons currently resemble more of a threat than a savior to national security, with dangerous levels of aging stockpiles. Time is ticking to solve the problem, with a January 2013 deadline looming. The state of affairs is worsening every year as more chemical weapons in dangerous condition are being found, said Col. Vladimir

'There's A Fitness Problem Here'


Krauthammer: Biden like Manny Ramirez, ‘Is this a guy you want a heartbeat away?’VIDEO:   During his career with the Boston Red Sox, Manny Ramirez helped his team take home two World Series titles, even if he did engage in some embarrassing antics along the way. An analogy or two could be drawn between

Foreclosure Sale: Syrian Presidential Palace


    My former Pentagon colleague David Schenker points me to this excellent photo essay compiled by Martin Kramer, who provides great commentary as well. Sometimes pictures are worth a thousand words. Now, many American officials convinced themselves that Bashar al-Assad wasn’t such a bad guy; rather, he was the eminently reasonable Western-educated doctor. They