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After Rejecting Tax Cuts, Liberal Congressmen Looking for Bail Out Before Fall Elections

Brian Darling, Liberal Democrats, panicked over voters’ responses to their anti-tax relief agenda, now want the federal government to subsidize quick political victories for them in November.  The fear is that taxpayers will realize that the Trump tax plan is a tax cut and not a tax hike as Democrats have been saying.  After telling

Trump vs. Schumer on Taxes

Star Parker, I’m for making things better for everyone. And the main focus of my work is improving the lives of low-income Americans. So why do I love the tax reform package that President Trump has proposed? Shouldn’t my sympathies be with Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, who says these tax cuts “makes life easier

7 Things You Need To Know About Andrew Jackson

Aaron Bandler, President Donald Trump is an enigma in the field of politics; perhaps the only comparable political figure to Trump would be Andrew Jackson. In fact, a portrait of Jackson has been featured in the Oval Office following Trump’s inauguration to signify the populist nature of the new administration. Trump also told Fox News’s Tucker Carlson on Thursday

Republicans’ support for Donald Trump is sky-high

He’s fallen out with judges, journalists, and intelligence agents, and his approval rate is a measly 41% among all adults in the US. But there’s one group of people with whom President Donald Trump is still hugely popular. After his first weeks in office, his approval rate among Republicans of 86% is second only to