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GOOD QUESTION: Why Didn’t Obama Toss Chinese Diplomats for Hacking OPM?

Frank Camp, Tuesday, ABC’s Jon Karl had an illuminating exchange with White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest regarding the difference between China’s 2015 OPM hack, and Russia’s 2016 hack: KARL: “So when the Chinese hacked OPM in 2015, 21+ million current and former government employees and contractors had their personal records stolen by the Chinese.

Why Won’t Hillary Clinton Release The Full Transcripts From Her Private Speeches?

CROOKED HILLARY QUESTION OF THE DAY. QUESTION OF THE DAY: “Secretary Clinton, on Friday emails were released purportedly from campaign chairman John Podesta. These emails contain partial transcripts from private speeches you gave, including calling for open borders and a shared common market. Your campaign refuses to state whether or not these emails are legitimate.

Why Is The Clinton Foundation Spending So Little On Charitable Grants?

CROOKED HILLARY QUESTION OF THE DAY QUESTION OF THE DAY: “Secretary Clinton, in 2014 the Clinton Foundation spent less than 6 percent of its budget on charitable grants. Why is it that your Foundation spent more money on overhead than it did on direct charitable grants?” – Jason Miller, Senior Communications Advisor WHY IT MATTERS

Here’s a strategy of compassion, concern and intervention to stop suicide

Jeremiah J. Johnston, More U.S. citizens kill themselves than kill one another each year. That’s stark evidence that proves we are all far more dangerous to ourselves than we are to other people. Globally, one person dies every forty seconds by his or her own hand. The CDC’s National Center for Health Statistics recently released


If Hillary Clinton Really Wanted “The Public To See Her Email,” Then Why Did She Use A “Special Tool” Designed To “Prevent Recovery” To Delete Them? QUESTION OF THE DAY: “Secretary Clinton, in March 2015 you said you wanted ‘the public’ to see your emails and called on the State Department to release them. However,

QUESTION: ˜The Media’ GRILLS Ivanka About Her Dad, Should They BBQ Chelsea Over Bill?

Ivanka Trump talks business and politics, then puts all so-called ‘feminists’ on notice. Ivanka Trump not only sees her father as a feminist, but she says “it’s a big reason I am the woman I am today”. In addition to being a mother of three, the daughter of Donald Trump and his first wife, Ivana,

Martin Armstrong Asks œDo The Feds Really Own The Land In Nevada?

Martin ArmstrongArmstrong Economics QUESTION: Is it true that nearly 80% of Nevada is still owned by the Federal Government who then pays no tax to the State of Nevada? This seems very strange if true as a backdrop to this entire Bundy affair. REPLY: The truth behind Nevada is of course just a quagmire of politics. Nevada

Flight 370 ˜Followed by Fighter Jets’ Claims Sarah Bajc, partner of Philip Wood

Clancy on Flight 370: Never had a story with ‘so few facts, so much speculation’  In 33 years with CNN, Jim Clancy has been almost everywhere and seen almost everything. That includes covering the aftermath of horrific commercial jet crashes, like Pan Am Flight 103 in Lockerbie, Scotland, and Swissair Flight 111 in Halifax, Nova

As scandals mount, White House springs into damage control

With no sign of an end to three mushrooming scandals, the White House acknowledged the rising political dangers on Wednesday by launching a concerted effort at damage control. In a whirlwind few hours, the administration moved forcefully to counter criticism of its handling of the deadly attacks in Benghazi, Libya, the seizure of reporters’ phone

Rasmussen: Republican affiliation hits record high

In 2006 and 2008, Democrats rode a wave of voter dissatisfaction to two electoral victories — and to large leads in party affiliation. By 2010, Republicans had the momentum of voter dissatisfaction, but not the realignment seen in the previous two cycles. According to a new survey by Rasmussen Reports, the realignment seems to have

Freedom is the Only Issue Facing Americans

The political parties throw a lot of glitz at us with their made-for-TV spectaculars, which we call conventions.   But the bottom line defining the choice facing Americans this year is stark and clear, and these conventions provide no new insights or information. If you think we’re struggling because we don’t have enough government, then

Will Obama’s Fast and Furious Executive Privilege be Overturned by Federal Judge?

For over a year, the House Oversight Committee, chaired by Rep. Darrell Issa (R-CA) has been trying to investigate the failed and botched federal gun walking program known as Operation Fast and Furious.  U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder and his Justice Department has fought Issa every step of the way, trying to prevent the House