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Washington Examiner “As Election Day comes closer and polling numbers become clearer, there seem to be seven ways for Donald Trump to win the White House.” “The seven Trump victory scenarios assume there are seven swing states: Arizona (11 electoral votes), Colorado (9), Florida (29), Nevada (6), North Carolina (15), Ohio (18) and Pennsylvania (20).

Ann Coulter: Stunning New Development!!! Media Calls Trump Racist

Annoyed at federal judge Gonzalo P. Curiel’s persistent rulings against him in the Trump University case (brought by a law firm that has paid hundreds of thousands of dollars for speeches by Bill and Hillary), Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump said that maybe it’s because the judge is a second-generation Mexican immigrant. The entire media —

Opininion: Republican brass in fantasyland

Chris Stirewalt, Buzz Cut:• Republican brass in fantasyland• The Veepness intensifies• FBI director nixes Hillary’s email probe claim• Positivity is restricting REPUBLICAN BRASS IN FANTASYLANDThe recurring fantasy within the Republican Party is that somehow, someway, Donald Trump can be made to control his conduct and conform – or even stabilize – his policy views. This

THE RACE: Few knockout punches occur in debates

Much is said of the gaffes, zingers and awkward gestures that have lurked in presidential debates. But only a handful of significant missteps have occurred in over half a century of television-era debates.   And few, if any, have been decisive game changers. The stakes are clearly high as President Barack Obama and Republican challenger

Poll: Angry with economy, youth vote to jump 50%


Younger voters, angry with the lack of jobs and a stalled economy that’s cut their entertainment budget and forced many to live with mom and dad, are expected to flock to the polls in even greater numbers than 2008 when President Obama’s inspirational message of hope and change drew millions to the polls. While 51

U.S. Census Bureau helped racially target thousands of American citizens for armed government kidnappings, camp internments


The U.S. Census Bureau claims you are required by law to reveal your race on their (coercive) questionnaire, and Census Bureau workers can get ridiculously adamant about stalking you until you agree to fill out such forms (…). What they don’t tell you is that the data you voluntarily provide the Census Bureau may be