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Scott Walker Places One Foot in the Presidential Ring

 The Wisconsin governor has started a 527 group that can help raise money for his anticipated White House run. Add one more serious contender to the jam-packed Republican race for the White House. On Tuesday, Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker announced the formation of a new committee to explore his presidential options. Dubbed “Our American Revival,” the new 527, tax-exempt group […] Continue reading →

This Is “Forward”?

Derek Hunter,   Progressive politicians and activists, from President Obama to NBC News, love to talk about “moving America forward.” But what does that mean? Forward into what? They never have an answer to that. Or, more accurately, they are never asked that question. But given how things are going in this country in terms of […] Continue reading →

Sarah Palin Says `Yes We Can’ Beat Hillary

Despite expressing interest earlier, she won’t say whether she will run for president.  Sarah Palin, standing before a packed room of Republicans in Iowa, cast herself Saturday as the judge of who’s a real conservative. And who can beat Hillary Clinton in 2016.  “Things must change for our government,” Palin said. “Look at it–it isn’t too […] Continue reading →

Meet the GOP’s 19 Presidential Candidates

 It’s pretty clear that the twin entries of Jeb Bush and Mitt Romney into the presidential election earlier this month has had a major effect on the other candidates. It increased their activity level, and perhaps their confidence.  So where does the field stand today? (Cheap joke answer: in a very, very, large room). There’s a […] Continue reading →

What Do 4 Tons of Texas Brisket and Lady Antebellum Have to Do with 2016?

Everything’s bigger in Texas, including the community of Republican political donors.  There’s nothing modest about the manner in which incoming Texas Governor Greg Abbott will take office Tuesday in Austin. His swearing-in ceremony includes a 21-gun salute and an F-16 flyover, followed by a gluttonous barbecue with 4 tons of brisket and 1,700 pies. The day closes out with a Lady […] Continue reading →