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Obama and Holder take over from Jackson and Sharpton

WEB Commentary – by Sher Zieve  The Obama-Holder team has now taken over the investigation of the Ferguson, MO shooting. At the same time, that team has, apparently, effectively usurped both the city’s authority and the titles of “biggest race hustlers and race-baiters in America” from the team of Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton. Note: […] Continue reading →

The New Black Male Can Be Conservative

John Ransom  Last week I wrote about my sympathies with the black community, especially the black male community, that has been and remains under siege in an America. Both political parties seem destined to misunderstand the historic wrongs committed in the African American community – especially those wrongs done to the black male. On the […] Continue reading →

Obama’s DOJ Silent as New Black Panthers Leader Incites Violence in Ferguson

Freedom Outpost – by Tim Brown  The leader of the New Black Panthers is instigating more violence in Ferguson, following the shooting of 18-year-old Michael Brown and the Federal Bureau of Investigations says it is concerned. Fox St. Louis reports: The FBI is concerned members of the New Black Panther Party are in Ferguson and advocating violence against […] Continue reading →

Tony Stewart’s NASCAR status unknown: ‘Grief doesn’t have a timetable’

 No decision has been made whether Tony Stewart will compete in Sunday’s NASCAR race at Michigan. Tony Stewart’s status has not been determined for Sunday’s NASCAR Sprint Cup race at Michigan International Speedway, according to Stewart-Haas Racing. “The decision to compete in this weekend’s NASCAR Sprint Cup Series event at Michigan will be Tony’s, and […] Continue reading →

Republican takeover ‘more and more assured’

Chris Cillizza  The Washington Post asserts that lucky breaks and the downfall of Tea Party candidates means a Republican takeover of the senate is nigh: The decision by Sen. John Walsh (D-Mont.) not to seek election in November in the wake of a plagiarism scandal is the latest piece of good news for Republicans as they strive to […] Continue reading →