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A Republican Ticket Hillary Clinton May Fear

 At a Clinton loyalist meeting in New York City, Jeb Bush and Rob Portman’s names are in the air. Clinton confidant Harold Ickes didn’t have any news on what his audience most wanted to hear—Hillary Clinton’s presidential bid—so he turned to a classic political tactic, redirection. “I don’t know if there are things we don’t know about […] Read More →

A way for GOP to defuse immigration issue?

 Republicans in search of a way to oppose President Barack Obama’s moves on immigration without alienating the nation’s fast-growing population of Hispanic voters may find a playbook in Colorado. GOP Rep. Cory Gardner won election to the Senate in the midterms in a state where 14 percent of voters are Hispanic. His GOP colleague, Rep. […] Read More →

Ferguson—Michael Brown Got Justice

John Nantz,   Ferguson, Missouri is a litmus test. If you think Michael Brown, who happens to be black, was a victim of police brutality, you’re probably a racist. If you think the Grand Jury should indict officer Darren Wilson, who happens to be white, you’re most likely a racist and/or a Bolsheviki dupe. We all […] Read More →

How the Youth Vote Failed Democrats

 Democrats needed a big turnout from 18- to 29-year-olds in this month’s midterm elections. Spoiler alert: It didn’t happen.  But there were some interesting elements to the failure. So before we move on to 2016, here is a quick survey of 18- to 29-year-old voters in 2014. These tidbits rely on — notably fallible — exit […] Read More →

In rare rebuke, Democrats shun Pelosi ally and back rival for committee leadership

Noah Rothman,  Democrats are reportedly fuming over Nancy Pelosi’s decision to deny Rep. Tammy Duckworth (D-IL) a proxy vote in House elections for leadership posts and committee assignments. Duckworth, a heavily pregnant double amputee whose condition prevented her from traveling halfway across the country to cast her votes in person, nobly deferred to Pelosi’s decision. […] Read More →

Are New Ferguson Riots Inevitable?

 If I had family or friends anywhere near Ferguson, Missouri, I would offer two layers of advice. First would be the recommendation for a well-timed family trip out of town. Barring that, the other suggestion would be the immediate purchase of a gun. Not because I know for a fact that rioting will break out […] Read More →

Here’s What a Woman Got After Calling Muslim Terrorists “Filthy Rodents”

 Columnist and former British reality television sensation Katie Hopkins has landed in a bit of hot water after making what some have called racially-charged comments on social media. Hopkins recently took to Twitter and referred to Palestinians in the Gaza Strip as “filthy rodents.”  “Palestinians busy knifing Israelis. 2 stage solution my arse. Filthy rodents […] Read More →

David Axelrod to Hillary: You’re not inevitable

 No less a Democratic figure than long-time Obama advisor and campaign guru David Axelrod is warning Hillary Clinton that he is starting to see dark shades of the 2008 race casting a pall over the purportedly inevitable 2016 presidential nominee. Speaking at a Wall Street Journal breakfast, Axelrod warned Clinton that she needs to stop […] Read More →

The Heart of the RNC – The Radical Neanderthal Core

Joanne Moudy,   Dirty politics, lies and cover-ups are the liberal, socialist Democratic National Committee’s (DNC) stock in trade, but one hopes for higher standards from the Republican National Committee (RNC). But apparently that’s too much to expect, especially in Arizona. On Saturday, November 8, Arizona’s RNC National Committeeman Bruce Ash got on the airwaves with […] Read More →

Republican Dan Sullivan wins Senate race in Alaska

 Republican Dan Sullivan won Alaska’s U.S. Senate race, defeating first-term incumbent Democrat Mark Begich. Sullivan led Begich by about 8,100 votes on Election Night last week and held a comparable edge after election workers had counted about 20,000 absentee, early-voted and questioned ballots late Tuesday. Thousands more ballots remained to be counted, but the results […] Read More →

Blacks Must Embrace Freedom, Learn, and Progress

Star Parker,  I am a conservative. I believe in the truth of traditional values, of limited government, and free markets. And I believe in personal freedom and that it is not possible without all the above. Our country has been going in the opposite direction and things, predictably, have not been going well. The American […] Read More →