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Trump’s Immigration Ban Undermined by Failed Logistics

Rachel Marsden, As someone living in France, a country subjected to multiple Islamic terrorist attacks over the past couple of years, I’d be the last to criticize the spirit of President Trump’s initiative to secure American borders through extreme vetting. I’ve witnessed firsthand the result of creeping insecurity and cultural disintegration directly attributable to Europe’s

Anti-Globalism Movement Faces State-Sponsored Backlash in 2017

Rachel Marsden, How will history remember 2016? Two clear themes emerged over the past year: nationalization (or de-globalization) and asymmetry. Brave individuals stared down an entire system and won with the support of the average citizen. The cultural identities of Western nations had been eroding for years, as leaders failed to enforce national borders under

Madonna Launches Misguided Attack on Female Trump Voters

Rachel Marsden, Pop queen Madonna and U.S. President-elect Donald Trump both are high-energy international entrepreneurs, brilliant marketers and self-made anti-establishment provocateurs whose careers have endured over decades. In a world without gender bias and leftist brainwashing about how women have to blindly support other women lest they be guilty of gender treason, Madonna would be

Trump’s Victory is an Awakening for Working America

Rachel Marsden,  Congratulations, middle-class and working-class America. The rest of the U.S. and the world owe you. You just slammed the brakes on the headlong race toward the cultural and economic devastation of the world’s leading superpower by electing anti-establishment Republican Donald Trump over Democrat Hillary Clinton. Not only that, but you may have set

Trump Guy-talk Controversy a Distraction From What Really Matters

Rachel Marsden,  If you’re among the more than 100 million people on this planet who purchased and was titillated by “Fifty Shades of Grey,” the best-selling novel about a sadomasochistic sexual relationship between a wealthy young businessman and a college senior, then the second U.S. presidential debate was likely right up your alley. If you

Feeling The Heat, Establishment Ramps Up Attacks On Trump

Rachel Marsden, When the anti-aircraft fire intensifies, it’s usually a sign that you’re directly over the target. Various branches of the establishment — Wall Street, the military-industrial complex, the media — are now unleashing their arsenal on the Trump campaign. Two of the most media-friendly Wall Streeters, Michael Bloomberg and Warren Buffett, have been trotted

‘America First’ Is a Battle Cry for the Oppressed Middle Class #TrumpTrain

Rachel Marsden,   It’s a sign that something is amiss when an American presidential candidate ruffles feathers by announcing, as Republican front-runner Donald Trump did recently, that the theme of his administration would be “America First.” “No country has ever prospered that failed to put its own interests first,” Trump said in a speech outlining

Hillary’s ‘Woman Card’ Doesn’t Make a Winning Hand

Rachel Marsden, There’s a right way and a wrong way to play the “woman card,” and Hillary Clinton has recently played it both ways. “The only card she has to play is the woman’s card,” Republican front-runner Donald Trump said of Clinton last week. “If she were not a woman, she wouldn’t even be in