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Dear Colin Kaepernick

Ryan Bomberger,  Dear Colin Kaepernick, I hear you. And so do millions across the country. As a professional athlete, you actually have more sway than pastors. Welcome to a culture driven by the worship of sports. This is why your political statements carry such tremendous weight. Let me take you back for a moment… “If

Supremely Wrong Court Protects Gosnells Instead Of Women’s Health

Ryan Bomberger, Maybe it’s the robes that give five people the misimpression that they’re magicians. Who needs the Constitution when a handful of supremely powerful justices can magically create their own laws, conjuring up legislation in the guise of a judgment? In Whole Woman’s Health versus Hellerstedt, Justice Breyer invokes the word “Constitution” 103 times

Harvard, Heritage and Pro-choice Hostility

Ryan Bomberger, College campuses tend to reflect foreign nations with limited speech rights instead of the land of the free and home of the brave. The exchange of ideas has so many caveats it’s easy to forget in a University that there’s a First Amendment. Safe spaces have replaced robust discourse, sheltering too many from