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Magazine Warns Dog Owners to be Cautious Around œLaw Enforcers

Cop Block  If you’re a reader of, or if you are stay attune to issues related to police employee accountability, you’re likely very aware of the frequent, unnecessary, lethal force employed by some badge-wearing men and women against puppies and dogs, almost always accompanied by zero accountability, which some have likened to puppycide, Concern about

Targeting Cold Medicine is No Cure For Tennessee’s Meth Addiction

Craig Schlesinger  Tennessee currently holds the dubious honor of being the second biggest meth state in the country, with 1,545 reported incidents in 2013. To combat the problem, Gov. Bill Haslam is pushing a bill in the Tennessee legislature that seeks to restrict over-the-counter purchases of products containing the decongestants pseudoephedrine and ephedrine to two